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Christmas Gift Guide For Mums.


I can't believe how close Christmas is! Aaron has been asking me for weeks what he can buy me and I've struggled so much for ideas. I think because I have been so worried and focused on what I was going to buy for everyone else, I completely forgot to even think about what I want! Motherhood in a nutshell right there...
I thought I would come up with a selection of gifts that would be perfect for mums, some as main presents and some as little stocking fillers. Here is my Christmas Gift Guide For Mums.

Christmas Gift Guide For Babies & Toddlers.


I can't believe that this Christmas, I will have a baby! A seven month old he-beast who I can dress up like an elf & who will most probably be more interested in the wrapping paper than any of the presents we have bought him. It's so exciting buying presents for our own little boy and I can't wait to put them under the tree.

All his presents are currently wrapped & ready to go to my mums (we go there on Christmas morning & all open our presents together) but I know we struggled for a couple of ideas as it's hard to know what he'll be into and we didn't want to buy anything too young for him, that he won't be interested in, in a couple of months. As it is his first Christmas, I wanted to give him a few extra special presents that we can keep forever. Here is my Christmas Gift Guide For Babies & Toddlers.

Baby Led Weaning: Lunch Ideas // GUEST POST


Hi, I’m Amy, Mama to Freddie who is nine and a half months old. I started my blog around five months ago as a way to honestly document my journey as a first-time Mum. I blog about all things motherhood from very personal posts to product reviews and recommendations and a little bit of Mama & Baby fashion too. 

Weaning is such an exciting experience! You get to see your baby explore different flavours and textures and enjoy mealtimes together too. However once your baby is having more than one meal a day it can also be an additional thing to plan and think about on top of everything else. Below are my five, easy baby-led lunches which will hopefully ensure mealtimes are stress free. All of them can be adapted to suit your baby’s preferences and are suitable for you too!

Personalised Gifts For Dads | All Under £20.


One thing I have always struggled with when it comes to gift giving, is what to buy the men in my life!? I just find men so much harder to buy for and now I have the added pressure of buying Aaron presents from Teddy and with it being his first Christmas as a Daddy, I want to make it really special. Whenever I've asked him for ideas, he never has a clue, so I just have to hunt online for inspiration and hope all my presents go down well.

7 Things You Should Never Say To A Mum.


If you read my "10 Things Not To Say To A First Time Mama" post, you will know that some people are idiots. Someone makes a fly away comment or judgmental remark and you just stand there staring at them wondering how the fuck they get by in life. Sometimes people don't think before they speak, whether that is your friend, a family member or a complete stranger. It might just a little piece of advice they thought they would share that might help you out or you can take on board in future. Whatever it may be, there's no polite way to tell them to shove their advice up their arse (especially when they don't have children themselves!).

It's hard enough trying to keep a tiny he-beast alive, without people piping up and offering up their unwanted opinions. I thought I would compile a small list of things you should never say to a mum.

01. "Oh my god, i'm so tired"; Nah, nah, nah, NAH! You don't know the meaning of the word tired. Come at me when a hangry, cranky, mental developing leap fuelled child is waking up every 40 minutes THEN, and only then, can you so much as utter the word tired in my presence.

02. "I have nephews/nieces/a clingy cat so I can imagine how hard it is"; I don't know how to break this to your gently (or without punching you in the throat) but you don't have a fucking clue. Nothing on this planet can prepare you for being at a he-beasts beck and call, during all hours of the day & night. You can't give them back!

03. "Oh i'd never do that with my child!"; Pipe down Carol and face the wall. Do you know how many times I said that before I had Teddy? A lot. If I could go back in time and bitch slap pre-baby Rachael, I would. She deserves it.

04. Are you sure you should be doing that?"; No i'm not sure as it happens, i'm actually using Teddy as my guinea pig so I don't fuck the next kid up.

05. Is he sleeping any better?; Are you looking at me right now? Do I look like he's sleeping any better? That'd be a no.

06. Oh you look well today!; What are you trying to say Sarah? That I haven't looked WELL for the last six months? Well aren't you a fucking peach.

07. Have you seen that new film?; You are lucky if I have time to shower, have a shite and shove on clean pyjamas. Where in that tiny brain of yours do you think I have time to go and sit & watch a film. In the cinema. Without my tiny human... Me & Aaron won't be having a date night until the year 2020 at this rate.

There are so many more I could add, but this post would be stupidly long!

What would you add to this list?

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