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ErgoPouch Swaddle Sleeping Bag

ErgoPouch Swaddle Sleeping Bag Review
ErgoPouch Swaddle Sleeping Bag Review

When we found out we were having Teddy, I think we bought pretty much everything we possibly could and we felt fully prepared for all situations. Silly me. I have definitely learned my lesson & know what is a gimmick, what we never used and what we would 100% repurchase. One thing we didn't get round to buying was a sleeping bag. I'd heard a lot about them & knew they were safer than blankets but I didn't like the idea of putting a tiny baby in a huge sleeping bag that they could get lost in, I also couldn't do a swaddle to save my fucking life. Luckily for me, Teddy hated being swaddled so I never had to learn properly. However a couple of weeks ago, the temperature definitely dropped, especially at night time and I suddenly went into panic mode about Teddy getting too cold and decided it was definitely time to get a sleeping bag. We then discovered the ErgoPouch Swaddle Sleeping Bag.

Teddy's Four Month Update.

Baby's Four Month Update

How in the hell is my child four months old?! I feel like the months are going by quicker & quicker, it doesn't feel like two minutes since I was writing his three month update!
I can't believe how much Teddy has changed this month, his personality just grows & grows. He is reaching so many milestones, interacting with his toys, being able to focus and grab them with ease (they go straight in his mouth..) and sometimes he'll do the sweetest little giggle. Usually when his Daddy is tickling him or blowing on his belly. It just fills me with so much love seeing them together.
It's been over a year this month, since we found out we were expecting Teddy and I can't believe it. He has been in our lives for one whole year.

Autumn Goals.

Autumn goals I want to achieve including personal and blogging.

As much as I love Summer & the warmer months, there is something about Autumn that makes me feel really content. September, to me, marks the beginning of Autumn I love nothing more than lighting my autumnal scented candles, turning on all the fairy lights and getting cosy on the sofa. None of that pumpkin spices latte shite, I aint about that life. Eugh. It also means we are one season away from CHRISTMAS! Now that, I can get onboard with! I'm also super excited for our local firework display that takes place in Autumn, I can't wait to take Teddy. Chances are he won't give a shit, but i'll feel satisfied and like i've fulfilled some sort of mummy mission.

I thought I would give you a run down of all the Autumn goals I am hoping to get done on both a personal & blogging level. I'm going to try and do one of these for every season..

10 Things Not To Say To A First Time Mama.

Ten things not to say to a first time mum

One thing I have learnt as a first time mum is that people think they can suddenly ask you/give you an opinion on everything. They start rhyming off all their unwanted advice and telling you things that you really couldn't care less about. When I was pregnant I got the usual, 'oh you're massive', 'ohh when I was pregnant..' & my favourite 'how are you going to feed baby?' With my milk making titties clearly wasn't the answer they expected...If they want to ask the inappropriate questions, an inappropriate answer is what they'll get back. Since having Teddy, the comments and questions have only got worse! I thought i'd share 10 things NOT to say to a first time mum. Or any mum for that matter!

Side Note: I do like to overshare. Quite a lot...


How I Feel About My Post-Partum Body.


I love my body because it has grown and given birth to my baby. I just don't always like it. Is it beautiful? I'm not so sure.

Growing up I was always conscious of my body, I hated the idea of getting 'fat'. I've always been a size 10 and I put it down to a good metabolism because I ate for England and always have done. I've never been the healthiest of people or the most active. I danced a lot when I was younger but that all stopped once I got to the top end of secondary school and I've never really bothered with exercise since. That isn't anything I am proud of! However when I found out I was pregnant, my fear of gaining weight and my changing shape completely disappeared! I couldn't wait to watch my belly grow every month and I was never worried about getting stretch marks, if they came, they came. It's part of the pregnancy package!


During my pregnancy with Teddy, I gained almost two and a half stone. I was weighed by my midwife at my first antenatal appointment and I weighed myself right at the end, on my due date. I didn't weigh myself during my pregnancy at all. People thought I was exaggerating but the numbers really didn't matter to me. I genuinely didn't care how much weight I gained.

When I looked back I realised that my fear of getting 'fat' was that my slender, big boobs, slim waisted body was what I craved because that is what society deems as acceptable and celebrates. I hadn't realised that I had piled pressure on myself to stay that way because I was seeking some fucked-up sort of acceptance. When really, as soon as I had a reason to gain weight and have my body shape change, I completely embraced it.