5 Places On My Travel Bucket List.

Monday, January 15, 2018

I have been really lucky that in my life, I have travelled to some incredible places. Especially since being in a relationship with Aaron, we've been on some incredible city breaks including London, Amsterdam, Paris & Rome and we've also done more relaxing holidays where we have visited Majorca, Tunisia, Mexico, Greece & Cyprus! I also went abroad a lot when I was younger, mainly to Majorca which, if i'm honest, is my all time favourite destination. This year we are actually going on our FIRST family holiday abroad to the Greek island of Halkidiki, and I can't bloody wait. It's going to be a whole different ball game going away with a fifteen month old (I can't believe that's how old Teddy will be when we go, SOB!) but I am so excited for him to experience new things and travel to amazing new places.

I have been lusting over so many places for years now & I thought I would share some of my favourites, some family friendly & some maybe not so much... From spending two weeks in Disneyland Florida to a once in a lifetime trip to San Diego luxury mansions (one of my all time dream destinations!) Here are my top five places I hope to tick off my bucket list!


Who doesn't dream of spending a week in this amazing city?! Me & my Sister have always said we'd love to go at Christmas time, I don't know which one of us is planning on selling a kidney or two, but hey! Dream big kids, dream big. I feel like this is somewhere i'd love for me & Aaron to go when the kids have all fucked off and left home, I say that with so much love I promise.. The food, the sights, THE FOOD... What more could a girl want? I am currently re-watching FRIENDS now it is on Netflix and it's made me want to go even more!


Now this is a holiday that will definitely be happening once Teddy is a little older & understands a bit more. Lapland looks like the most magical place ever and so beautiful! I'd love to go at Christmas time and visit Santa, see the reindeers and enjoy a husky ride. It's a holiday that you really would remember forever. I have wanted to visit here for years but part of me was always saving it for when we have Children and they could experience the wonder of it.


I suppose we would take Teddy... JOKES, obviously we would, i'm not a complete monster! Aaron actually surprised me with a city break to Paris for my 21st birthday and we visited Disneyland Paris whilst we were there and as a huge, and I mean HUGE, Disney fan this was at the top of my bucket list and I couldn't believe I had crossed it off. That being said, that doesn't mean I wouldn't jump at the chance to go again & even better that we will get to take Teddy! I'd love to go to Disneyworld at some point obviously but there was something so special about Paris....


I don't know what it is but I've always wanted to go to Ireland, mainly Dublin. Possibly something to do with that mighty fine accent, but don't tell Aaron that, he'll start attempting to do it around the house..
I feel like this will be a lovely weekend break for just me & Aaron (in about twenty years time..) and we can do some shopping, visit Dublin Castle and just take our sweet ass time exploring the city. No crying babies, no boob breaks.. bliss. One day lads, one day.


Now I have already been to Mexico, when I was 21 and absolutely loved it! I'm not the biggest fan of flying, which some people find hard to believe when I've flown quite a few times, but it's just not my favourite thing to do. It's a case of I know if I didn't fly, i'd never go anywhere so I just kind of suck it up and deal with it. Going on a 10 hour flight was a huge deal for me and I honestly did a little happy dance when I got off the plane.
We did so many amazing things in Mexico, we went on a bar crawl around Cancun, which is REALLY unlike us and we enjoyed it maybe a little too much. We swam with dolphins, visited Xel-Ha (an eco water park!) and took full advantage of the all inclusive cocktails all day every day. The long flight does put me off taking young children but I think once Teddy (and any future baby) is older and understands that we are on that plane for 10 hours whether they like it or not, i'd love to go back as a family!

I have a whole list of places i'd love to visit but I thought five was enough for this post! I'd love to know which places are on your travel bucket list? Is there anywhere you'd especially love to go as a family?

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How To Cope With Teething & Top Tips.

Friday, January 12, 2018

There are many things you prepare yourself for when you have a baby; sleepless nights, lots of poopy nappies, emotional breakdowns (from both them & you!). However one thing I forget to think about until it was too late, was the fact that my gummy baby will grow teeth! Teddy actually got his bottom two teeth through at three months old and they came through reasonably easy with very little disturbance so I didn't feel too badly about it and figured that was the worst of it. Oh how very wrong I was! His top two teeth came through at six months and now (at almost eight months) two more teeth have popped through at the top. I thought we might get a little break between his teething but these top four have literally come through back to back.

They have caused him so much more upset than the bottom two, and he's been really unsettled! However as he teethed so early on we did manage to pick up some tips & tricks that worked for us and also some products/medicines that really helped and have made things SLIGHTLY easier. Here are my tips on how to cope with teething.

Teddy's Seven Month Update.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018
Baby seven month update -6

Baby seven month update-6

This is the first time that I've genuinely felt sad that my baby is getting bigger. SEVEN months? I feel like I've blinked and the months have flown by me. I wish I could go back. Back to my newborn baby and hold him a little longer, I've mentioned before that I feel like I spent so much of the early days nervous or worried, that it overshadowed the excitement & I didn't appreciate it enough.

Every month his personality is showing even more! He is such a cheeky little character & loves attention, we can't even go to his swimming lesson without him batting his baby blues at the little girl in his class. He must think there's summat in that baby crawl he does through the water...
He's also a very chatty little boy, always shouting or babbling away to himself. He tells some right little tales. When we go to baby groups you'll always hear him before you see him. He is also sitting up completely unaided and he acts as if he's been doing it forever, he sits there with a huge grin on his face as if to say "look at me, I don't need you now PEASANTS".

Baby seven month update-4

baby seven month update-3

He's discovered that he can make trumping noises with his mouth & when we are out and about he makes everyone laugh as you can hear him from his pram. He is finally happy chilling in his pram and loves having a nosy at the world as we push him, I think he'd actually love being forward facing in his pram, but Mama isn't ready for that! I love looking at his little face all bundled up whilst pushing him.

If you read Teddy's Six Month Update, we have started Baby Led Weaning properly this month and it's so been so exciting! It's definitely not quite like I expected, but you can expect a blog post on that very soon. I like to buy new things every week on the shopping, whether that is a new fruit or some baby snacks. I want to keep things as interesting as I can and let him explore the different tastes & textures. It's obviously a very slow process and where as he doesn't actually EAT much, he's giving everything a good go & so far he's tried everything we have offered him.

baby seven month update2

Baby seven month update1

Teddy's Seventh Month..


Teddy is still breastfed and loving that titty life, however he has now started weaning! we have eased into it just trying different snacks every other day and he also has tea with us at the table a couple of times a week. We didn't want to throw him into it too quickly and because we are doing baby led weaning, it's also quite nerve wracking for us! So far he loves any snack from Ella's Kitchen, in particular the Carrot & Sweetcorn Melty Sticks. He also loves watermelon & strawberries.


Not overly fantastic. He settles a lot easier, usually going down about 7:30 but he usually wakes up about two hours later & then he is usually really unsettled until about 11ish, where he will come into bed with us. He'll either only wake up once more or he could be up nine times! It really does vary every single night. Safe to say this Mama is very tired.

Teddy Loves:

His swimming lessons! He is such a confident water baby and I absolutely love it that we get to take him every week and watch him learn new things and splash around. They broke up last week for the Christmas holidays which makes me sad but also REALLY excited that it means Christmas is so close!

Teddy Hates:

TEETHING! & I can't say I blame him. His two top teeth have JUST come through and my god, don't we all know about it. His bottom two teeth came through with hardly any issues but his top teeth have given him (and us) so much grief.

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5 Types Of People That Piss Me Off Now I'm A Parent.

Friday, January 05, 2018
5 types of people that piss me off now i'm a parent

I've always been quite a laid back, chilled out kinda gal' but since having Teddy there are some things that really grip my shit. My rage can vary depending on the situation and it ranges anywhere from "if I roll my eyes any harder they are gonna cause me some serious damage" to "I will drop you & run your head over repeatedly with Teddy's pram". I thought I would share five types of people that I hate now i'm a parent.

The "Should" People:

Maybe you SHOULD try this? Maybe you SHOULD give him that instead? Maybe YOU should suck my dick Carol eh?

The Unsolicited Advice People:

This goes hand in hand with the last pet peeve but the amount of times I've shared something about Teddy & people jump in with their "advice". I wasn't asking for advice, I didn't need the advice & I sure as shit don't want it. I don't mind a friendly 'oh we tried this & it helped' i'm all for that. It's the people throwing their two cents worth in on something that I don't see as an issue. E.g. co-sleeping or feeding on demand. I don't see either of those as an issue so it gets my back up when people offer their 'advice' on how to stop it.

The Touchy Feely People:

Why do people think that it is acceptable to have their grubby hands all over your child? We were at a Christmas party recently and some woman I have never met held Teddy's hand & then started kissing it. "Excuse me, I don't know where that mouth has been & you've just smothered your filthy ass germs all over his tiny hand!"

The Lift Hoggers:

Nothing annoys me more than people who get in lifts that don't need to! I know there is the whole 'not all disabilities are visable' yada-yada, I get that but some people really do take the fucking biscuit. In our local shopping centre we were once waiting 25 minutes for the lift, purely for the fact that people who were capable of walking were getting in them. We had to park on the roof level so we would have had to walk down....SIX flights of stairs with a baby & his pram, to get to the shops. Eventually the manager came out and made people (who could) walk instead. ON YA FUCKING BIKE KIDS!

The Braggers:

You know those people? If you've been to Tenerife, then they've been to Eleven-erife? Yeah. Them. "Oh, is Teddy not sleeping through the night? my brilliantly advanced, clever child has been doing it since he was six hours old..." Yeah, but your child looks like the back end of a filthy rhino, so i'll take the not sleeping thanks.

I have also asked some other Mama's to share their parental pet peeves:

"When people disrespect you around the kids like saying "oh does your mum not let you do that, that's not fair" or like when you are maybe implementing a new thing like not letting your child have something so they stop having a tantrum for it so much then they just let them do it anyway like why can you not respect my parenting at all?!" DEAR MUMMY BEAR

"My son's only 9 weeks, but so far...people interacting/touching him without my permission! It's cold season and so far two *random* people have touched his hands/face. Going to grab their hand next time, see how they like it!" PICNIC COPY

"People who park in parent & child spaces when they DON'T have a child!" NOT YOUR AVERAGE

"When people assume your child is one gender purely on what colour they are dressed in. Not all girls wear pink and not all boys wear blue!" MUMMY CAT NOTES

"People not understanding that my plans can change at the drop of a hat because being a mother will ALWAYS come first." LIFE-MILK

"Mother-In-Law not following toddlers routine when looking after him and my Mum constantly telling me the baby's hands are cold!" RACHAEL1786

"When you say something and people dismiss it straight away eg. *Baby cries* Me: Oh he's probably tired I'm going to put him to nap.. Ignoramus: No he's not! Ignoramus: *shushes an increasingly loud and overtures baby* Ignoramus: ....I think he's tired Me: *eyes roll out of head*" THE SAUSAGE ROLL CHRONICLES

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Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.com


Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Happy New Year! I can't believe we are in 2018, it doesn't seem like two minutes ago that we were welcoming in 2017 and I was preparing myself for our baby's arrival, now Teddy is almost eight months old! If you read my 2017 THE HIGHLIGHTS post, you will know that 2017 was a really good one for me on both my blogging & personal life, but I am so ready to get stuck into the new year & set myself some goals and little resolutions. I know there is a whole cliché with 'fresh year, fresh start' but I personally am all for it! I am not going to be making any major changes but there are a few things I want to improve on & take a little more time for. They are all (hopefully) realistic and I can't wait to look back at the end of the year and see what I have achieved.

2017 | The Highlights.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 has by far been the scariest, craziest, tiring & most wonderful year of my life. I welcomed in 2017 at home, over half way through my pregnancy with Teddy. Who, at the time was a baby who I loved so much but had no idea who they were! We hadn't found out the gender, we didn't have any names picked.. It's surreal looking back and not knowing it was always Teddy, if that makes sense?
 thought I would share my 2017 highlights; both personal & blogging, because I've honestly had the best year on both fronts!


Introducing Your Baby To Textures - Baby Weaning With HiPP Organic.

Friday, December 29, 2017

If you read my first weaning post "Getting Started - Baby Weaning With HiPP Organic" you will know that we have introduced Teddy to foods! It's a very slow process and not at all what I expected, much like everything else in motherhood. We are predominately doing baby led weaning but also doing jars every so often when we are in a rush or on-the-go. Teddy loved trying the Stage 1 Savoury Jars so I couldn't wait to see how he took to our next package of goodies!

Teddy was sent a selection of jars from HiPP Organic Stage 2 & Stage 3 range, which are suitable from 7m+, these are a great way to introduce your baby to textures and lumps, especially if you aren't taking the BLW route and are still a little apprehensive about gagging ect. I still sit on the end of my seat whenever Teddy is eating, I have relaxed slightly but it's still nerve wracking. These jars are also a great way for your baby to learn the art of chewing! We introduced Teddy to solids straight away so he took to these jars brilliantly.

Styling Your Home On A Budget With Desenio.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


We have owned our own house now for three years and it's only the past few months that we've really put our stamp on it. When we first moved in it had all been re-plastered and nobody wants to spend their days looking at ugly ass brown walls, so we just painted everywhere white and it stayed like that for longer than we'd have liked, but white is just so easy! We have spent the past six months, going around every room in the house (except Teddy's room because we did this before he arrived & the bathroom because we need to SAVE our asses off to get a whole new suite) and painted it & decorated in colours we actually like and that add a little something more to our home. It has definitely felt a lot more homely since. Contrary to popular belief (I jest) we aren't millionaires and we prefer to save our pennies where we can.