Shop Till I Drop??..Don't mind if i do!

Good Evening Ladies,

Yesterday, me and my boy went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester, to do some more holiday shopping and buy my mommas birthday presents (her birthday is next monday, hooray!).

Whilst there, Aaron let me choose ONE product from MAC, in selfridges, as a treat because I'm awesome (his words not mine! I'm not ridiculously big headed or anything!). I chose a product that i've had my eye on for a while..
a tinted lip conditioner containing SPF 15.
I thought this product would be great for my holiday, as it has an SPF in it, which will protect my lips against the damages, that the sun can do.

Colour: Petting Pink
Price: £11.00

After we had lunch and did some more shopping at Trafford, we came back home and headed into our local town. I wanted a new make-up bag for my 'decent' make-up, meaning ALL MY MAC wahhh! LOVE.LOVE.LOVE (MAC is my new obsession, incase you didn't know :] ) and a sunglasses case for my new shades! So we nipped into Primark, because you can't beat a good bargain!

I found this flowery, medium sized make up bag for £3.00, CUTE HUH?

& this super cute, funky coloured sun-glasses case for £2.50!

Recently, I've been growing through a stage of biting my bottom lip, so they've been looking pretty patchy and quite sore the past few weeks!

I decided to visit LUSH, and grab some of their 'bubblegum flavoured suger lip scrub'.

It's basically just a pot of pink sugar, that you rub all over your lips and then you lick it off, it tastes of bubblegum, so it's incredibly YUMMY!
I noticed a difference in my lips, the first time I used it! It is incredible and I highly reccomend it!

 For £4.95, I think it is well worth the money!