Sunday Social;1

Hello Ladies.

I have recently stumbled across a fantastic blog and link-up, hosted by Neely, over at . This is my first week on the link-up and I'm super excited!

Best Trip You've Ever Been On

ROME! Without a doubt the most amazing, jaw dropping place I have ever been!
I went last year with my boyfriend, and we fell in love. NOT with eachother (that happened a while ago, hehe) but with this gorgeous city. The people, atmosphere and sights we're everything I hoped they would be, and more!

Best Idea For A Girls Weekend

I'd love to go, with all my girl-friends, to a gorgeous country-side spa resort.
Be pampered and spoilt with massages and manicures!

Best Idea For A Couples Trip

A flowery field. Summer. A Picnic. Me + My Man.

Best Vacation On The Cheap

Me, my family and my boyfriend went down south for the weekend and stayed in a caravan
near the beach! For 8 of us, for 3 nights/4 days, It was £70! That was it! Bargain huh?

Places You Most Want To Visit

America; New York, Florida, Hollywood!

Vacation/Travel Necessities

Bikini, Suncream, Phone, Camera & Kindle.

Thanks to Neely for doing this link-up!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!