Friday's Letters

Friday, August 17, 2012
Friday’s Letters

Dear Nieces, I enjoyed our little sleepover last night, so much! I love you both. Dear Work, today will be my last shift before I go on holiday, on sunday & I can honestly say..I won't miss you at all. Dear Suitcase, please let me fit more clothes inside of you, I have lots left to put in & I'm extremely worried they won't fit! Dear Jakey (my doy), You are going staying at natalie's tomorrow, whilst we are away. I hope you behave and have a fabulous time. Dear Boyfriend, This holiday, will be our 4th holiday together & I'm so excited that we get to experience these things together. I love you more everyday. Dear Sister, I'm going to miss our daily conversations whilst I'm away! Dear Tunisia, I'll see you on sunday ;)

July Favourites.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Hello Ladies!

I know this post is a little late, but I struggled to decide which products are my favourite this month!

After thinking for a good few weeks, I have narrowed my favourites/must haves, to these lovely purchases.

This little beauty, I absolutely LOVE. I grabbed this early last month for my up & coming holiday.
I had a £20 gift voucher for River Island and couldn't find ANYTHING I liked, (don't you hate it when that happens?!!) and then I stumbled across this gorgeous bikini.
It was £22.00, so I only had to add £2 out of my own pocket!
I personally thought it was a complete bargain. I can't wait to rock this on my holiday!

I have wanted a coral/orangy-red lipstick for AGES & when I have looked, I've never been able to find the right shade. That is until, I went to Trafford Centre with my momma & nipped into the Boots store. I browsed the lipsticks for a good 20 minutes, I had tester colours all over my arm..and then I found THIS. The colour I had spent countless weeks looking for.
It's by Rimmel and in the shade '210- Coral In Gold'.
 It's a coral/orange colour with a gorgeous hint of gold shimmer.

& I got it for the bargain price of £6.49.

This L'OREAL hairmask is a god send! My hair doesn't get particularly damaged, as it is naturally curly & I tend to leave it au-natural. This mask was on offer at the local drugstore for £2.99 and I thought I would give it a whirl. I'm sure glad I did!

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, you apply a blob of this mask all over the hair, and leave for 1-3 minutes, depending how much you feel your hair needs it.
I leave it on for about 2 minutes & as soon as I begin to wash the product out, my hair already feels shiny, soft & lucious.

What a marvellous concoction this toothpaste is! Everybody wants a glowing shiny white smile, and this is a much cheaper version of achieving that look professionaly.
'Oral-B 3D WHITE "Brilliance' claims to clean the front, back and any visible surface around the teeth & says you will notice the difference in 2 weeks. I have only used the product twice (I bought this whilst currently still using my (now) old toothpaste & have already noticed the changes in my teeth. It leaves my teeth and breath looking, feeling/smelling fresh!

I picked this up for only £1.74 as it was on a half price offer at the supermarket!

I'd love here about your current favourites!

Hot Tottie Tuesday ❤

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

   Do I have a treat for you ladies today!

 I watched the latest Batman in the cinemas and it got my thinking about/appreciating the gorgeous & talented EDWARD THOMAS "TOM" HARDY. An English born actor, famous for his roles in; Bronson, This Means War, Inception..& as already noted above "The Dark Knight Rises"!


Whilst watching Batman, I was stunned at how unnattractive Tom Hardys character "Bane" was.
How on earth is it possible to make such a gorgeous man, that..un-gorgeous?! I will never know.

Just staring at his pretty face now is making me not drool.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

I've noticed other blogs posting an 'Outfit Of The Day' post & thought I would give it a bash. I will try to post these as regulalry as I can remember..!

This is the day I went to the park with my sister and nieces, the sun was shining so I wanted to bare the arms and shoulders, try and catch some colour! I wore my skinny jeans as my legs are scarily white and pale (only 7 days until holiday!) and I rocked my converse, just because they are so damn comfy and I knew I would be running around alot after the girlies!

Top: H&M. Scarf: Primark. Jeans: River Island. Shoes: Converse.

Headband: New Look

Nail Varnish: Barry M

Summer. Summer. Summer

This week has been fantastic! The sun has shone and what better way to celebrate this..than visiting an animal farm, the park & enjoying a few picnics?!

Windmill Animal Farm.

The Park.

Aoife didn't like the sand on her feet!!

I hope you all enjoyed your week as much as I did!

Blog Hop!

Friday, August 10, 2012
Let Them Eat Cake

Today, I am joining in with a new link up! Why not head on over to "Let Them Eat Cake" & "A Lil Dash of Diva" and join in!!

"It's Okay" Thursday

Thursday, August 09, 2012

- It's okay that the first thing I wanted to do, when I got in from work, was have a nap.
- It's okay that I am already planning, what to spend tomorrows wage on..CLOTHES.MAC.CLOTHES.
- It's okay that I went to an animal farm yesterday, and probably enjoyed myself as much as my 4 year old & 19 month old nieces did. I'm a child at heart.
- It's okay that I am SUPER DUPER excited that I go on holiday in 10 more sleeps.
- It's okay that I haven't packed yet.
- It's okay that I have been extra sarcastic today.
- It's okay that I am writing this post, whilst terrified because there is a spider on the wall next to me.

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Sunday Social;3

Sunday, August 05, 2012
Sunday Social

What Is Your Favourite Fall (Autumn) Activity?

Well..the new football season starts right before autumn and i'm quite a big fan! Also me and my momma visit alot of farmers markets.

Do You Follow A Football Team? If So, Which One & Why?

A small team called 'Bolton Wanderers'. I've supported them since I was a little girl, probably because my dad supported them :)

What Is Something Fun About Fall (Autumn) In Your Area?

The farmers markets!

Fav. Fall Outfit Staples?

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Thing You Are Looking Forward To Most This Coming Fall (Autumn)?

Trick or treating with my nieces and wearing my AUTUMN clothes, e.g. jeans, boots and big snuggly jumpers!

Favourite Fall Holiday? Traditions?

Halloween! Traditions: Carving a pumpkin and watching scary movies ALL night.

Obsession #3

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"It's Okay" Thursday

Thursday, August 02, 2012

-It's okay that I almost cried this morning, at the thought of having to go to work.
-It's okay that in the space of an hour at work I; Paper cut my finger (major ouch), burnt my finger & burnt the inside of my arm. Did I mention I love my job?! Nope..Didn't think so.
- It's okay that I have wolfed down to big bowl fulls of my mommas home-made minestrone soup..It is to DIE FOR!
- It's okay that I'm currently planning on spending my next pay packet on a whole bunch of MAC products, whilst at the airport.
- It's okay that I am almost peeing my pants at the fact that I go on holiday in 17 days!
- It's okay to be slightly sarcastic and highly opinionated.
- It's okay that I sing far to loudly at work and probably annoy a whole bunch of people. They just don't appreciate talent loud wailing.

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Spoilt? Me? NEVER!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Recently I have been talking about wanting to branch into some professional make-up brushes!
I have always had make-up brushes for my bronzer and blush, but lately i've wanted a better quality and full range make-up kit.

I recently saw a youtube video, in which they were talking about a set of make-up brushes from a website called, I went onto the website and found the 21 piece brush set for £135.00! Alot of money, I know. So I closed the website down and cried slowly into my pillow..OKAY OKAY maybe not cried, but I was not happy.

So my gorgeous, caring boyfriend asked me why I was so very sad and when I told him, he seemed very dis-interested which slightly annoyed me, but later on that day he reallyyyyy made up for it.

He went upto my room and was there for a very long time, which isn't unusual as he tends to play on his PS3, If I am watching something downstairs on telly that he doesn't like.

When he came back downstairs with a huge grin on his face, I instantly asked what he had broke?! Of course he replied with 'nothing at all,but I have a suprise..' and as any normal girl..I LOVE SUPRISES!

He took my hand and led me up the stairs and showed my my very own laptop..(needless to say I was slightly puzzled and not at all suprised..) and then he showed me the catwalk-glamour web page, with the screen saying..THANKYOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE!

I almost peed my pants and went completely CRAZY at him, in a good way, with lots of squeels and kisses! He also told me that he had managed to get his hands on a discount code, So we actually got the brushes for £64.00, which is a fantastic deal!

They should be here within 14 days, and I can't WAIT. I am a very lucky girl to have such a amazing boyfriend!
The make-up brushes also come with a make-up pouch.

Momma Love! x

Good Morning Ladies,

          I can't believe it is August already! Where is this year going??

I for one am incredibly excited about it being August, as it means that it is the month of my holiday! Waheyy. It is currently 2 weeks and 4 days till' my holiday!

I have bought so many gorgeous holiday clothes and I will post about them nearer to the time :)

Soo..Sorry I have been so quiet these past few days, but it was my mommas birthday!

We made her a birthday cake!!

Holiday Last Year!

My Momma is my best friend and we spend so much time together, she always gives the best advice.
When I was younger, I always wanted time to hurry up & let me be older BUT my momma never let me wear make-up or dye my hair (Still haven't to this day, but that is my personal choice), she believes that children should be children and I am now, so grateful for that!

She has given me a fantastic up-bringing, the best advice and laughs. I will always be thankful and I hope you know how much it all means to me.