"It's Okay" Thursday

-It's okay that I almost cried this morning, at the thought of having to go to work.
-It's okay that in the space of an hour at work I; Paper cut my finger (major ouch), burnt my finger & burnt the inside of my arm. Did I mention I love my job?! Nope..Didn't think so.
- It's okay that I have wolfed down to big bowl fulls of my mommas home-made minestrone soup..It is to DIE FOR!
- It's okay that I'm currently planning on spending my next pay packet on a whole bunch of MAC products, whilst at the airport.
- It's okay that I am almost peeing my pants at the fact that I go on holiday in 17 days!
- It's okay to be slightly sarcastic and highly opinionated.
- It's okay that I sing far to loudly at work and probably annoy a whole bunch of people. They just don't appreciate talent loud wailing.

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