Spoilt? Me? NEVER!

Recently I have been talking about wanting to branch into some professional make-up brushes!
I have always had make-up brushes for my bronzer and blush, but lately i've wanted a better quality and full range make-up kit.

I recently saw a youtube video, in which they were talking about a set of make-up brushes from a website called Catwalk-Glamour.com, I went onto the website and found the 21 piece brush set for £135.00! Alot of money, I know. So I closed the website down and cried slowly into my pillow..OKAY OKAY maybe not cried, but I was not happy.

So my gorgeous, caring boyfriend asked me why I was so very sad and when I told him, he seemed very dis-interested which slightly annoyed me, but later on that day he reallyyyyy made up for it.

He went upto my room and was there for a very long time, which isn't unusual as he tends to play on his PS3, If I am watching something downstairs on telly that he doesn't like.

When he came back downstairs with a huge grin on his face, I instantly asked what he had broke?! Of course he replied with 'nothing at all,but I have a suprise..' and as any normal girl..I LOVE SUPRISES!

He took my hand and led me up the stairs and showed my my very own laptop..(needless to say I was slightly puzzled and not at all suprised..) and then he showed me the catwalk-glamour web page, with the screen saying..THANKYOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE!

I almost peed my pants and went completely CRAZY at him, in a good way, with lots of squeels and kisses! He also told me that he had managed to get his hands on a discount code, So we actually got the brushes for £64.00, which is a fantastic deal!

They should be here within 14 days, and I can't WAIT. I am a very lucky girl to have such a amazing boyfriend!
The make-up brushes also come with a make-up pouch.