Sunday Social;3

Sunday Social

What Is Your Favourite Fall (Autumn) Activity?

Well..the new football season starts right before autumn and i'm quite a big fan! Also me and my momma visit alot of farmers markets.

Do You Follow A Football Team? If So, Which One & Why?

A small team called 'Bolton Wanderers'. I've supported them since I was a little girl, probably because my dad supported them :)

What Is Something Fun About Fall (Autumn) In Your Area?

The farmers markets!

Fav. Fall Outfit Staples?

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Thing You Are Looking Forward To Most This Coming Fall (Autumn)?

Trick or treating with my nieces and wearing my AUTUMN clothes, e.g. jeans, boots and big snuggly jumpers!

Favourite Fall Holiday? Traditions?

Halloween! Traditions: Carving a pumpkin and watching scary movies ALL night.