Rimmels Lasting Finish "1000 Kisses": Review

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Hey Guys!

So I purchased this product before I went on holiday, mainly because I wanted a lip product that I could apply once, and that would last through-out the night :)

I had heard alot about the lip stains and many had rave reviews, so I went to boots in search of the perfect one. The Rimmel lip tint stood out from the rest, as I had had Rimmel products in the past and never had any problems, also it was on a half price offer and who doesn't love a bargain?! I know I certainly do!

I picked up the shade '120 Timeless Tango' a lovely berry red colour! I wore the product just before I went on holiday, and it is so good! I applied it for a meal out with Aaron and when I got home, It looked exactly the same as when I had first put it on.

You apply the colour first, to clean lips and when the colour is dry..you apply the balm to add moisture & shine :)

I would definetly reccomend this product and would love to hear what your favourite lip products are, as I always love to add to my collection!

How the colour applies to my lips.

Lip Pen.

Moisturising Balm.

Hope you're all enjoying your thursday & don't worry, It will soon be weekend!

Date Night: OOTN

Monday, September 24, 2012
Hello Ladies,

   Me & Aaron enjoy a date night once a month, we go out for tea quite alot, but date night is special. We have a meal in a lovely restuaraunt and then go to the movies!

On Friday we went to a lovely Indian resturaunt & enjoyed a delicious meal. We've been to this restaraunt a few times (It is a firm favourite) and the service is incredible and everything is very reasonably priced.

I had recently purchased a new playsuit from primark and couldn't wait to try it out. I teamed it with a thin brown belt, black tights and my flat brown boots.

Playsuit: Primark
Belt: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Next
Boots: Dorothy Perkins
Jewelery: Pandora

   I've just come back from a trip to Ikea, with my sister and mum. I ABSOLUTELY love ikea and am a sucker for a bargain! I purchased some new furniture for my bedroom and lots of other lovely little bits that I will post about asap.

I hope you all had a pleasant monday..as pleasant as a monday can be anyway, haha.

     Lotsa Love' xo

Shopping Haul; Primark. New Look. Next. H&M

Thursday, September 20, 2012

   Recently at work, I have been doing a lot more hours & therefore getting a much higher wage packet than I would normally get. So what better way to reward myself, for the extra long days i've been working, than a shopping spree! For those of you who don't know, nothing makes my day like a good ol' shopping trip.

Primark- £5
    I got this little beauty from Primark, it's a gorgeous playsuit which zips up at the back. It has a lovely peter pan collar with delicate gold chain linked between.
I completely fell in love with the cute rabbit print and thought it was very fun and quirky!
Seen as it is Autumn and the weather is pretty miserable and dreary, I will team this little number with black tights and plain black dolly shoes.

Before leaving the house this morning, I knew that I wanted a pair of 'berry/plum' coloured jeans, ready for the Autumn/Winter months. Low and behold, I found this perfect pair in New Look.
They will look perfect with my light brown, knee high boots and a cream knitted jumper (also purchased today!)

New Look: £16.99

H&M: £20.00
H&M: £2.99

I am definitely more of a 'comfy shoe girl' than a 'sky scraper, toe pinching, ouch fest high heeled girl' and when I saw these high tops in the Next Kids Section..Yes you read that right, the KIDS section. I have tiny size 4 feet and I fell in love with these shoes, before I realised that they were in the children section BUT luckily for me, they had my size and I felt blessed to have such teeny tiny children sized feet!

Next: £22
I hope you all enjoy you're thursday evening :)

Hello Autumn!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Hello Ladies!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post and for that, I sincerely apologise. Things have been pretty crazy recently. I've not long been back off holiday (I'll do a post about that, as soon as I have put the pictures on my laptop :] ) and since I have been back i've been working alot more. Think 9/10 hours a day, 5 days a week. By the time I have finished my shift, I'm just too tired to sit and blog. But I promise to get better at it & make the time!

It would appear that the season of Autumn is upon on. The nights are drawing in and the Autumn coloured clothes are being dusted off! The pastel coloured clothes are being put away and the plums & navy colours are being thrust into the spot light.

I've made quite a few purchases in the month that I have been away from the blogging world. Many of them, that I have fallen head over heels in love with!

This bag is a cheeky purchase from Next! I've wanted a new bag for a while now and when I stumbled across this gorgeous MASSIVE bag. I have a huge crush on big bags..I have so many things that I need to put inside!

My latest obsession is MAC make-up and what better reason to buy some, than the fact that at the airport, the prices are duty free! I've been eyeing this bronzer up for a while now, but I held off and waited until I went on holiday. What better way to start your holiday than a lovely make-up purchase?!
This is the MAC Bronzing Powder, in the shade of Golden. It creates the perfect 'bronzed' effect and has just the right amount of shimmer, without it being to over powering.

As I mentioned earlier, the time for pastel colours in near enough over. Over summer my nails were constantly painted pastel pinks and blues, so as soon as I saw this nail varnish, I knew it would be a perfect change ready for the colder months.

The Rimmel 60 Seconds nail varnish, has to be a favourite of mine. I am a complete fidget, therefore this nail varnish is perfect for me as it does EXACTLY what it says on the..tin??
It has a cool metallic look about, which is a very big look for A/W 2012 it and is a purple/grey shade.
(510 Euphoria)

So I hope you've all had a happy tuesday, & I promise to get back into the swing of things with my blogging. Have a fabulous evening :)