Mini Haul; Primark.Next Home.The Body Shop.

I nipped into Primark with Aaron, a few days ago, just for a browse. Found some right bloody bargains! Primark has really upped their game over the past year and i've found some great things. You can go into Primark, and see a top for £6, and go into River Island and see a similar top for £20! 

I picked up some cotton pads, as I seem to go through them really quickly, and £1 for 160 cotton pads. Can't go wrong really can you?! NOPE.

Aaron actually picked up the sheer black top, and showed it to me, I was very impressed. Not only with my boys good taste for once, but at the top in general! It has a lovely peter pan collar, with jaguars heads on the tips! Amazing. It is very sheer, so I will wear it with a black vest top underneath. £7

I then came across this peplum top, it's made of a cotton/stretchy material. I do already own a black peplum top from River Island, but the back of the top is cut away, so I think it's more dressy. Where as this little beauty from primark, can be teamed with jeans and my converse..if I so wish! It's more on the casual side & I am a sucker for casual. 
They had it in black/white/nude. I don't really buy anything white, as I'm to pale to rock the white look and end up looking like a milk bottle. LOVELY. The nude colour was just..ICK. No go. 
You can never go wrong with black. £4

My bankcard weeps everytime I go through the doors of 'Next Home'. If I could, the majority of my wage would be spent there! I'm like a child at a sweet shop, running round touching everything, making 'OHH' & 'AHH' noises. I still live at home, but when me & Aaron do take the plunge into the big wide scary world, and move out. Our whole house will be from Next! Best start saving now, as it aint cheap! I decorated my room at the beginning of last year, and I'm still applying the finishing touches. 

I picked up this butterfly ornament as it is just to damn cute! I also have the heart version of this which says 'You are my happy ending' which I picked up a few months ago. Aww aint it sweet?! I thought they would be nice to hang in mine & Aaron's bedroom, when we get our own place. £3

I have decided that the wall that is opposite my bed, I want to create it into a photo frame collage. Placing all different photo frames next to each other/below each other. Thought it would be pretty funky, as I'm quite sentimental when it comes to keeping photographs. So to start off my 'collage wall' I picked up this lovely grey, slightly blue photo frame. It has the effect of scratches and marks on it, which I thinks makes it even nicer. All I need now, is to print a picture off my i-phone. I'm thinking maybe one of me & Aaron in London. £8

In one of my magazines this month, it came with a gift card for Body Shop. It had a surprise amount on it, and you had to go in store to reveal how much. I never really go in Body Shop, as I think it is quite over priced. I went in, knowing it wouldn't be a lot. I was right, I received the staggering amount of £3! 
I already had my eye on the lip product, as soon as I walked into the store. I originally wanted the Mango version, but they didn't have in stock. Damn. So I opted for Pink Grapefruit instead, and my god, I want to lick it! It smells AMAZING. I don't actually own any lip balms, only vaseline or lip gloss. So I went to straight to the till, with this little gem. It leaves my lips with a lovely shine, not glossy or tacky, and my lips feel nourished and moisturised. Not bad for the £1, I had to put to. £4