Benefit 'Remove It' Eye Make-Up Remover: Review

I am a firm member of the 'Bioderma' bandwagon, so when I received the Benefit 'Remove It' make-up remover, I was a bit skeptical at it's claims to remove make-up effectively, even water proof mascara. I'd never found an incredible eye make up remover, until discovering the Bioderma. However..this product is amazing!

I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and I love it. The packaging is amazing and looks so cool, I love how the lid looks like a cork screw, though you do unscrew it like any normal lid. It's the little things! 

I don't tip the product on to cotton wool pads, as the lid is quite wide, and it would spill everywhere. So I place a cotton pad over the entrance of the make up remover, and tip, a-bit like when using nail varnish remover.

It removes a full face of make up so easily, I use about two cotton pads and that removes all my make up. It isn't as quick at removing eye make up as Bioderma, but with a few extra sweeping motions, it removes it all amazingly. 

It doesn't have much of a scent (which I like), but it does have quite a fresh smell to it. Nothing to over powering. It leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and refreshed, it's perfect for all skin types which is great. It is also oil-free which I think is a bonus, as some make up removers (especially eye make up removers), can leave my face feeling quite oily and just..not good!

I'd highly recommend this.