Candle Jar to Lipstick Holder | DIY

After yet another candle has burnt until it can't burn anymore, I decided enough was enough. I was no longer throwing away the lovely glass containers they come in, and would do my part for the planet and recycle them into some sort of home for some sort of make up.

After the candle had completely died *sob*, I pull the wick that is left out, which is very easy to do! I then strike a match and put it into the glass holder, and wait for the remaining wax to melt. After it has melted, I tip it down the sink. I use kitchen roll or a damp cloth to clean inside the candle holder. VOILA!

I use mine to store my MAC lipsticks and also my favourite Topshop shade. I've since done this with another candle and it holds all my eye products, e.g. eyeliner and mascara.

Since doing this, I now buy candles with a lovely glass holder, just for the reason of 'Oh, I can recycle this when it is burnt out!' so no doubt in a few months, I will have recycled candle holders EVERYWHERE. I suppose that gives me no excuse for my dressing table to be messy. Maybe I will give them away as gifts..
Just to help my candle buying/recycling habit...

Art Attack/Smart/Blue Peter I blame you.