Confessions of a blogger | Tag

I've noticed this tag hovering around the blog world for quite a while now and always enjoyed reading them. So I thought i'd give it a bash myself! 

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in May 2012, so almost a year ago now!! I can't believe how quick it has gone. 
I was so nervous about writing my first post, but it's one of the best things i've done.

Have you had any past online presence before (other blog, youtube)?

Never, my online contribution consisted of facebook and twitter. 

Why did you start a blog?

I've always enjoyed reading other blogs, mainly beauty & after reading those for a few months, I decided i'd give a go at it myself. Beauty is always something that has interested me, so it made sense for me to start my own beauty blog.

When did you become serious about starting a blog?

About 4-5 months into blogging, I realised how much I loved it and enjoyed doing it! I don't take it to seriously as the whole point of starting my blog was for fun. I don't ever want to take the fun out of blogging.

What was your first post?

A kind of 'Welcome to my new blog' sort of post. It wasn't anything special. I hate looking back at old posts.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?

  For me it has probably been finding the time to sit down and write! Juggling work/blogging/friends/family can be crazy, but now I make sure I set one day a week to write & schedule about 3-4 posts (a weeks worth). Also keeping up with all the latest beauty products can be hard. New products are coming out everyday and you always want to give them a go. My bank balance has never been the same since starting a blog. 

Where do you see your blog in one year?

Hopefully i'll still be enjoying bogging!! I also hope my blog continues to grow and develop. I'd also love to new posts, not all involving beauty. Maybe more lifestyle posts.

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?

Hearing feedback, I love nothing more than reading lovely comments on my posts. Also meeting so many lovely bloggers via twitters #bbloggers chat! 

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?

I've never really had any negative or discouraging comments/feedback. Everyone has always been really lovely. Luckily. I do hate the bitchy side to blogging, some of the other girls have had quite negative/horrible comments on their blogs & youtube. 

What's your lasting inspiration or motivation?

My inspiration is definitely other bloggers and also new products can inspire me. Buying a new product and having that 'I'm not going to use you until I have photographed you' feeling!!' My motivation is definitely my followers/readers, after a long week the last thing you can feel like doing is editing photos and writing posts. My readers however, with so many lovely comments, make it worth while.