Just looking at these pictures, is making me hungry. Jeez.

Okay, I was away with my mum when it was Valentine's Day, so me and Aaron went out for a meal the week before. We don't really bother with Valentine's, we buy cards for each other and occasionally go out for something to eat, but that's it really.

Valentine's= Romantic.
Romantic= La Salsa!

La Salsa is a Spanish Tapas Restaurant/Bar in our town centre. It is all you can eat (which suits me down to the bone, I love food!) It is a very small building, which I think makes it more cosy. It opens for lunch (at a cheaper price) and then again in the evening, which costs a little bit more, but there are more food choices available.

During the evening, it is lit by very dim, subtle light and small tea lights which are on everyone's table. As soon as you sit at your table, they ask you which drink you would like and give you a menu. I always opt for a Sangria! Delicious!!

The menu is huge, ranging from garlic bread, sea food to steak fajitas. You can order 3-4 dishes each at a time, and when they arrive they are only small portions, but perfect for sampling and trying new things.

My favourite thing to eat there is the Cheesy garlic bread, Chorizo in red wine sauce and the chicken fajitas. 
The staff are so friendly and welcoming, from the moment you walk in the door, to when you are paying your bill and leaving.

The first time we went, was with a group of our friends about 12 of us all together. It didn't faze the staff at all, everything came out together, they stopped and had a little chat in-between servings. 

Since then we have been back 3-4 times, just the two of us. It is so romantic and we love Spanish food which is a bonus.

I would recommend anyone to go to a Spanish Tapas restaurant, with it being all you can eat, it encourages you to try new things!