Topshop Cream Blush | Review

I've wanted to try a cream blush for a while now, i've always gone for powder blushes and as much as I love them, I figured it was time for a change.

I absolutely love Topshop make up, their lipsticks, highlighters, nail varnishes and now..their cream blushes!!
Whilst browsing their make up section, a flash of bright neon pink caught my eye. 
I instantly walked over to the blush section and swatched this on my hand, Once blended into my hand, it left a gorgeous rosy pink colour. For £6, I couldn't really complain!

I'm a sucker for Topshop packaging, it's simple yet so cute with lovely polka dots on the majority of products. This was no exception, it even comes with a little compact mirror in the lid.

As soon as I got home, I took plenty of photos, ready for this post ;) and waited for the opportunity to wear this gorgeous blush. A few nights later, I was going to the pub to meet some friends, and when it came to applying blush, I applied this without hesitation. I picked up the shade 'Prime Time' it looks quite scary in the packaging, neon pink, but once applied and blended in it leaves a lovely sheer, dewy rose colour to your cheeks. It is super pigmented and the product is amazingly creamy and just melts into the skin, it is also so easy to blend in. I use the RT Stippling Brush, which does the job perfectly. It leaves your blush looking flawless!

I can't recommend this blush enough and will definitely be repurchasing.