BlanX White Shock Formula Whitening Toothpaste | Review

Monday, April 29, 2013

Some of you will look at this post & think 'who the heck wants to read a review on toothpaste!' but if you bare with me and stick this, short but sweet post out.. you be a toothpaste enthusiast, and that's okay!

 In particular, you'll want to grab yourself the BlanX Whitening toothpaste, equipped with funky 'star wars esque' l.e.d blue lightsaber style light! Hold this little bad boy over your teeth for a minute, a few days a week and you'll have lovely brightened gnashers. I can't promise you the Essex bright white *Arg* teeth, but you'll definitely notice the difference! 

My teeth feel super clean after using this and leaves my breath with minty freshness, the mint flavour isn't to overpowering but just right for nice-smelling breath that lasts a few hours. I've even had people comment on the fact that my teeth look brighter, which is always nice to hear! 

This product doesn't contain peroxide or abrasive sillica, so it is gentle on your enamel and gums!
It's is suitable for vegetarians and is not tested on animals, which is something that I love from a brand.

The good thing about picking up the toothpaste & L.E.D light combination, is that when the toothpaste runs out, you only need to re-purchase the toothpaste because the light is reusable! 
You can pick up the toothpaste for £4.99 on Feel Unique.

PR Sample*

Share The Love #1

Sunday, April 28, 2013
'Ello you lovely lot!

Recently there has been so much negativity surrounding blogging. Nasty comments and petty bitchiness (pardon my french, but there really is no other way to put it!). So I thought what better way to stick a finger up the haters, than create a series about all the lovely blogs out there & share the love! 
We are here to encourage and support each other, not put people down with unnecessary comments, that aint' big & certainly aint clever!

So now that I have got that of my chest, let's crack on with spreading a-bit of love!

This week, let me introduce you to the lovely Francesca!

I met Francesca through blogging & twitter, but recently had the pleasure of meeting her in the flesh! Myself, Francesca and a few other lovely girls met before the North Meet Up & I instantly felt at ease. She's so lovely & definitely the perfect candidate for my first week of spreading the love!
Now, I'll hand it over to Francesca to introduce herself & answer some questions to help you all get to know her better.

Hello! Well, where do I start? My name is Francesca and I'm a 23 year old beauty and fashion blogger from Manchester! I'm also a yummy mummy of one little three year old girl called Isabella! As you've probably noticed if you've read my blog I am a Christian and I am at church regularly taking part in youth groups, puppets etc. I work part time at morrisons whilst I study from home, I'm taking a course with the open university which is criminology and psychological studies. It's hard but if it gets me a better and more stable job then it's worth it! In my spare time I like to spend time with my daughter and boyfriend, obviously shopping and spending time out with my friends! 

When did you start blogging? I started blogging in August, last year (2012)

Why did you start blogging? At first I was just reading other girls blogs and I loved them so much I decided I start my own, at first I didn't think it would go anywhere and that it would just be something small, but I was soon addicted. And I mean addicted, I love my blog now and couldn't imagine ever not writing it!

What is the best thing about blogging?  I think to me the best thing about blogging is the lovely girls that I get to talk to and meet! I also love the fact that its given me so much confidence in myself that people actually want to read why I write! I love all my readers and followers!

What do you find most difficult about blogging? I sometimes find it hard to keep up, I have such a busy schedule with my daughter, work, study and church I sometimes have no time! Other than that I love it! 

What are you favourite blogs to read?  I follow and read a mixture if blogs, but I love fashion ootd's and wish lists! I also love YouTube videos and makeup tutorials or tips! I find them very useful! I read all kinds of blogs though! I love posts with big beautiful and well taken photos too! Draws you in :)

What is your biggest motivation to blog? My motivation is myself! I love blogging and I just do it whenever and about whatever I want! And also reading other blogs for inspiration! 

What is your best beauty/style tip? hmm let me think! I think style tip would be shop less wear more! As Gok-Wan says! It's so true though, there are so many hidden treasure amongst the clothes you already have! You don't need to spend so much money to look good and dress well! Also shop for your shape, it's so important! As for beauty, once again less is more! Always look after the skin you have under your makeup, otherwise your skin and beauty will suffer!

3 holy grail items?   My holy grail items are probably -
                                        1 - My foundation and concealer! At the moment it's rimmel wake me up!
     2 - My cleanser and make up remover - vital to get rid of make up and cleanse before bed!
     3 - My body moisturiser - vital for lovely soft supple skin :)

Any advice/tips for future bloggers?  I think my only advice is be yourself, and always blog for you! Don't do it to impress anyone, you have to want to do it and love it! It can be so rewarding! Also don't worry about followers, they will come as you blog more!

Who is your inspiration/role model?   I think my inspiration was all the other blogs I started reading, mainly an old friend of mine Charlotte Elizabeth who runs confessions of a small town girl! She was my first follower! 

That is all hope you enjoyed reading, my blog is over at The Francesca Diaries -  come and say hi! :)

Francesca's Links:

Twitter@ Franvaughan27

I hope you enjoyed the first in my 'Share the Love' series! If any of you would like to be involved, leave me a comment with your email address and i'll get back to you :)

21st Birthday Wishlist #1

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
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Ola Amigos.

On June 12th 2013, I will have graced the planet for 21 years! You lucky lucky people. Jokes.

I've pretty much been counting down to my 21st birthday since my 18th. After the whole  'woohoo i'm finally 18, I can legally drink' thing kinda got old, I started to look forward to my 21st! Ever since my big sister turned 21, and had the whole big party, dj, food, family & friends, I knew I wanted that too. 
I hate being the centre of attention, but I knew i'd regret it if I didn't go all out and plan the party of the decade!! No clearly it won't be, but it's going to be one hell of a bash.

It's only recently that i've gone into deep meaningful thought about what I want for my birthday, and i've gone i-pad CRAZY. I have an i-phone 4s, oh yeah like only the cool kids have! So when Aaron asked me what I wanted to help celebrate my day of birth, I decided I need to jump on the i-pad bandwagon. A white i-pad mini to be exact. Oh gorgeousness. So sleek and nifty. I will go cray cray if I don't open this on my birthday and will not be held accountable for my actions. I've left so many not so subtle hints for him to find. Oh hello Amazon website, with the webpage open on the EXACT i-pad I want. 
I like to be prepared. 
I will own the 10 hour flight to Mexico with this gadget in my life. 

Of course with a new gadget, you need new accessories. Ted Baker case you are too pretty and would like you in my life. 
Wireless keyboard, because you look cool and will be handy for blogging more on the go. Productive as well as pretty looking.

Mum & Dad, a Michael Kors watch will go down extremely nicely and look so damn good on my wrist. 

Other than that...
There's nothing else I really WANT, i'm super excited for my birthday and my party. Just over 7 weeks! The countdown has begun.

Arbonne Makeup Primer | Review

Monday, April 22, 2013

Whilst at the lovely North Meet Up earlier in April, we were all lucky enough to receive a talk from the lovely Keil who works for the online company Arbonne. They sell a wide range of make up products, skin care and hair care. Arbonne isn't a brand I have heard of before, so was excited to hear about the brand and what they had to offer.

Arbonne has a Swiss based heritage, providing premium, botanically based products since 1980. The brand started off in America, and is now based all over the world through Arbonne's network of independent consultants. 

Arbonne products are safe, pure and also vegan-verified! They are dermatologist-tested, with proven clinical results. 
They are also formulated without animal products, by-products or mineral oil.

When leaving the meet up, we were all given goody bags from Arbonne, full of different products to try. I received a makeup primer, a lip stain and hand cream! I kindly donated the hand cream to my mother, but there was no chance I was handing over any of the other goodies!

The Makeup Primer is definitely one of the best i've used so far! It is vitamin-rich, visually diminishes fine lines and pores. I have pores around my cheek area, not huge, but I know they are there! This makeup primer makes them so much less noticeable! 

After I've applied my daily moisturizer, I use my fingertips to blend in a small layer of this primer. One application of this and my skin instantly looks flawless and refreshed. It is so lightweight and has a silky soft feel to it.

This product was also nominated in the 'Best New Beauty Product' category for the UK Beauty Awards 2011. Pretty much says it all doesn't it!
If you haven't yet tried anything from this brand, I would definitely consider giving this a go. 

To find out more information, Keils personal website is :

The brands personal twitter: @UK_Arbonne

I'd love to hear if any of you have tried the brand and what you think!

Holiday Wishlist #1

Sunday, April 21, 2013
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Hello Loveys, 

For those of you who don't know and haven't heard my over excited ramblings, Aaron & I jet off to Mexico in just over 8 weeks!
We are both in desperate need for a holiday and are counting down the days. 
As soon as we booked our holiday, I was trolling the internet looking for my ideal holiday wardrobe. I have far too many summery/holiday clothes but I always end up buying new things every year, before I go away.

I thought i'd show you guys some of the things i've had my eye on and will be popping in my online shopping baskets come payday. Apologies now to my bank balance. 

Gorgeous sandals are a must for the evenings on holiday. During the day I throw on my trusty £1 flip flops and they do the job, but at night I like to help my freshly pedicured tootsies feel and look luxurious too. They sure as hell deserve a holiday. Long hours at work and all the holiday shopping has taken it's toll on my poor aching feet.

You can't go wrong with a lovely nautical midi dress. Comfy yet classy, I love this simple blue and white striped midi dress. A incentive to get them crunches and 30 seconds planks done and dusted! You will have a bikini body!!

I don't really 'style' my hair on holiday and tend to leave it loose or in a no fuss ponytail/plait/bun, so when I spotted this gorgeous sunflower bun hairband, I thought it was perfect for that extra special something to add to a simple top knot bun.

Topshop lipsticks are a firm favourite of mine and am in desperate need to add more tho my collection. I swatched 'Macaroon' whilst out shopping in the Manchester store, but they didn't have any left. So I sobbed, put it back and picked up a creme blush instead, which I love! So everyone's a winner really. Although I will make it my mission to pick up this lipstick!

Philosophy Bath & Shower Gel | Review

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Philosophy Bath & Shower Gel: £14.00

This is another brand that i've heard endless hype about, and me being a 'jump-on-the-bandwagon' kind of girl, jumped on the bandwagon!
I picked this whilst in Boots in Manchester and there were so many different smells and it made it so hard to choose. However, I am a lover of citrus smells, lemon, lime, orange, pineapple you name it..I love it! So when I noticed this 'Tantalizing Tangerine' one, I knew it was thee one for me & my citrus obsession.
I use this in the bath to add bubbles, but I mainly use it as a shower gel, it leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft and conditioned.

The smell really helps to wake me up and get me ready for the day ahead.
A little product definitely goes along way, as it lathers up that much that you don't need to much product so it's definitely worth the money.

This is one of my favourite shower gels, and will definitely be picking up some more! I'm keen to try the 'Strawberry Daquiri' scent, as i'm a sucker for a cocktail!

Have you guys tried any of the Philosophy products?

Bittersweet London: Sugar-Free Fluffy Marsh Mallow

Friday, April 12, 2013

Whilst having a look through my #Northmeetup goody bag, post found here, I saw this amazingly gorgeous monochrome print, the packaging instantly lured me in. Finding out it was actually a box of sweets was a bonus!

Bittersweet London, are one of the first online boutiques in London, specializing in fulfilling your sweet tooth without sugar!
I have a huge sweet tooth, so I knew these were right up my street.
The joy of eating sweets, without your mother shouting that they'll 'rot your teeth!' That wasn't just my mum right?!

I was a bit skeptical about them at first, thinking that because they are sugar-free, they wouldn't have the same sweet taste. How wrong was I! They taste exactly the same as normal marshmallows. I unfortunately wasn't quick enough in hiding these from Aaron, so only got to enjoy half of what was inside. The joys of having a boyfriend?? 

They are £5.95 each, or you can pick up two for £10. They are a bit pricey, but for a sugar-free indulgence to treat yourself, or they'd be lovely as a present for someone! They do a whole range of sweets, including Cola Bottles, Stawberry Cremes and many more.
You can find Bittersweet London on Twitter @bittersweetpls.

Let me know if you guys have tried anything from Bittersweet London!

Primark Haul;

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh Primark...
What would I do without you? Although your prices have 'slightly' increased over the years, I can't help but get excited as soon as I know i'm coming at you. I instantly pick up one of your HUGE baskets, just knowing i'm going to be filling it with all kinds of bargain goodness. 

Myself, my sister and nieces recently spent the day shopping in Preston, where we spent the majority of our time in Primark. Obviously.. It is huge!!
We got all excited driving down knowing we were going to spend more money than necessary, but still walking out feeling like you haven't spent enough. I have this problem all the time. Oh to be a shop-o-holic.

I was in my element with all the gorgeous summer clothes & bikinis, as I jet off to Mexico in 10 weeks and obviously need some new clothes. I have more than enough clothes to wear at night, but needed some comfy but cute clothes for during the day. Just to throw on over my bikini. Oh did I find some gems.


Everytime I go on holiday, I need a new pair of pajamas. No idea why, I just like the feel of new pajamas. It's like at Christmas when you get bought some and can't wait to wear them on Christmas night. Oh I get all excited just thinking about it!
These instantly caught my eye, with the neon purpley/pink tank top & flowery shorts. Perfect for summer nights.


I love the vest tops that Primark do, so didn't hesitate to pick up with bright purple and pink one. Love the summer colours!!

Floral shorts: £4.00
Coral shorts: £5.00

I picked up a pair of black floral shorts and a coral pair aswel. They had so many different colours, but these were the ones that stood out the most.


I also picked up these two large vest tops. They come down to my mid-thigh, so thought they would be great as short dresses for during the day on holiday, just to throw on. They are really nice and loose fitting, which will be great for the warmer weather.


You have to take so many toiletries when going on holiday, so the thought of weighing my already to heavy suitcase down, with the likes of my big bottle of Bioderma and toner, I bought these cute little bottles to decant them into, therefore not taking up as much room. Which is definitely needed for clothes/make up! Priorities.

Since I had done so well with shopping for my holiday, I decided to throw in a few miscellaneous products, just for, you know.. laughs?

Elastic bands: £1.00
Candle: £1.50
Clutch: £6.00

I FINALLY managed to get my hands on the black version of this studded clutch! They only had the nude version in my nearest Primark, and I knew I would definitely get my use out of the black one more. Perfect size for nights out.
This gorgeous lime smelling candle was the perfect addition to my candle collection! Primark do amazing candles.
Now my hair is quite long, i'v started plaiting it to the side alot more, just to keep it all off my face, so I didn't hesitate to pick these elastic 'bands' up, just to finish off my plait nicely.


Well these slippers speak for themselves. Disney+Minnie= HAD TO OWN.
So damn comfy!

Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo | Review

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Bumble & Bumble is a brand that as interested me, ever since starting a blog. The 'Sunday Shampoo' is one of the products that jumped out at me the most after reading so many rave reviews. 

It is described as 'A weekly detox to rid hair of product residue, hard water minerals and pollutants. Perfect for product junkies and infrequent washers'.

Just reading that over view, I knew it was perfect for me. I have very curly, thick hair so I tend to use a whole load of products when drying/styling my hair. Ranging from heat protector, detangler, dry shampoo ECT.

I've used this for about a month (every sunday!) and it leaves my hair squeaky clean. It enables me to wash my hair about twice a week, without my hair looking greasy, which isn't something that i've been able to do before!

For someone with quite thick hair, I only need to use a small blob of this (about a 50p coin size) and it does my whole head of hair & believe me..that is A LOT of hair. It lathers really well, so a little goes a long way.
I follow this up with a nourishing hair mask, instead of a regular conditioner, just to give it that extra bit of TLC. 
I take extra time massaging the shampoo into my scalp and roots!

I picked this up from Boots for £15.50, I felt quite rebellious when picking it up, as I had resisted for so long. But eventually thought, sod it, my hair deserves a bloody good clean!
My hair feels really soft and manageable after using this and it is definitely worth the money.
The only people who may struggle to get on with this product are people with colour treated hair, as it can strip some of the colour away! Other than it, buy it!! :)

I'd love to hear you guys recommendations for more 'Bumble & Bumble' products! I can see myself picking more up from this brand in the not so distant future. 

North Meet Up!

Monday, April 08, 2013

April 7th 2013 was a very special day for northern bloggers! A few months ago, the gorgeous Emma Sheldon (blog found here. Twitter: @emshelx ) wrote a tweet suggesting a Northern based meet up. I jumped at the opportunity and instantly added my email to the list. I was one of the very lucky ladies that made the cut! 

It was my first ever blogging meet up and I was incredibly nervous, to make things a little easier, I arranged to meet a couple of other bloggers at the train station before the event started and then we could all head down together. The girls I met were so lovely and made the day so much less nerve wracking, and I also like to think i've made some new friends! I met Francesca from The Francesca Diaries, Cat from CCLRS., Zoe from Amelia all sorts,, Sabina from Fashernably Late, Megan from Life and Lipsticks, & Joanna from Minty Essence.

The venue was amazing, taking place at Revolution bar in Manchester, and we had the upstairs all to ourselves! Em did an amazing job. Everyone took advantage of the 2-4-1 cocktails offer, I enjoyed a couple of yummy Strawberry Daquiris.

The afternoon wasn't all about cocktails however, Em had organised for brand representatives to come and give talks & demonstrations, including: Xen Tan/Glam Glow, BlanX , Neal & Wolf and Arbonne.
Capital FM were also there, taking pictures of all the bloggers!

Lauren from Cherry Loves It also baked these amazing cupcakes, my god they were yummy!

It was so nice to be in a room full of people all on the same wave length! Sipping cocktails, discussing beauty, blogging and all other things in between and munching on a Krispy Kreme or two. 
Emma had also arranged competitions for throughout the day, were you could pick your own prize. The prizes up for grabs were amazing, and I was exceptionally lucky and won! Wahoo. I chose this amazing John Frieda hair set, which I can't wait to try out. Frizz Ease serum is the shizzzz!

Not only did I walk away with a prize & a load of blog/brand business cards, but we all walked away from the event with a huge range of goodie bags! It was a struggle getting on the train with them all, and may have hit a man around the head with a bag, once..or three times.. I did apologize each time, honest!!

I thought i'd give you all a little peek inside my goodie bags and see what products will no doubt be appearing on my blog in the very near future. Some of them had me doing a little dance!

How lucky were we!!! Em, you must have some amazing contacts girl!

This is the only picture I have of my outfit, for now. I wanted to dress up, but also keep it quite casual. I opted for my skater dress with flat boots, keep my tootsies nice and comfy. I teamed this outfit with my trust Miss Selfridge leather jacket.

Belt- Miss Selfridge
Necklace- Topshop
Tights- Primark
Boots- Dorothy Perkins.

Thank you for organizing such an amazing day, i've never been to a meet up before, but I know if I attend any in the future, they'll have a hard time topping yours! I've met so many lovely people through the #northmeetup and I hope there is another one organised very very soon.