Living With A Boy..What They Don't Tell You.

Hey, I know and can even understand why you may have not been truthful regarding your living conditions this summer....I'm open minded and will hear you out- just be honest and share with me.... otherwise we can never go forward with anything....

Aaron & I moved in together in September last year, we'd been together almost 5 years and felt it was time to move forward in our relationship, taking the next step. I was planning living rooms and shopping lists in my head for weeks, before we finally found somewhere. I thought it would be all hearts and flowers, and it is great don't get me wrong but there was some stuff that wasn't in the handbook!!

  • You very rarely have time to yourself, to sit and wallow, feel sorry for yourself ect. Even on my days off it's spent out with family or cleaning the house. Then Aaron comes home and I can't just sit and listen to sad music having a good sob when needed. We all need a good cry once in a while don't we? We also need the time to take a good selfie when required and I don't think Aaron appreciates me sat in the living room pouting to myself...
  • Secondly, How can men survive with hardly any possessions?! 2 skincare products and a shampoo will not suffice. How do you live?! You make us feel like hoarders!
  • I live with an OCD neat freak, if my mum is coming round he spends about 5 hours tidying the living room. The woman lived with me for 21 years, she knows i'm a messy cow!
  • I never understood the importance of having your own space! We bought the chest of drawers for the bedroom from my house into the apartment, and I was not prepared to sacrifice my sock drawer to house his boxers, what the hell is all that about? Giving up my 'winter pyjama' drawer for his shorts and t-shirts, is NOT what I signed up for.
  • Peeing on the toilet seat..really? I thought that was a myth..clearly not!
All this being said they're are some pretty damn good points to living with Aaron..
  • He bought me a pack of lovehearts whilst writing this post, n'aww such a cutie.
  • Constant cuddle buddy is always good.
  • Having someone to come home to, drunk, at 2 o'clock in the morning, waffling about absolute crap before passing out in a full face of makeup and your clothes still on.
  • Letting me watch re-runs of FRIENDS and Sex and the City, and only complaining about it once. Then letting me quote the whole 'Hey just so you know, it's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy and it is a big deal!!!' just before Rachel says it..
Aaron you're a good'un and I love you, a whole lot. Even though you do piss me off, no end :)