The Lipstick Tag.

1. How many lipsticks do you own? I own..*runs to dressing table to count*.. 28!..I think that's quite good. Is it?
2. First lipstick you owned? Probably a strange barbie one many years ago, but the first one I remember properly was the red Rimmel one ft. in the picture above. I still own and wear it! One of my favourite lipsticks.
3. Favourite lipstick brand? Oh now this is a tough one..I love YSL, I love MAC's shade range..Rimmel & Bourjois are amazing, Topshop & Revlon are great. High end i'd say..MAC, drugstore i'd say..ahh it's so hard..Rimmel.Revlon.Bourjois.Topshop...BOURJOIS. Final decision...I think.
4. Most worn lipstick? Rimmel one or MAC's Please Me.
5. Favourite finish? Matte or Cremesheen. Can't decide.
6. Last lipstick you bought? Rimmel in Glam Plum Fulham, perfect vampy purple shade.
7. How many lipsticks are in your bag at the moment? 3. 1 YSL, 1 MAC & one Bourjois.
8. Favourite red lip colour? Bourjois Rouge Edition in Rouge Buzz, my all time favourite red lipstick. The perfect red, hydrating, so pigmented and has amazing lasting power.
9. How do you store your lipsticks? In an acrylic holder, pretty much one that every beauty blogger seems to have, haha.
10. Which lipstick are your currently lusting over? MAC lipstick in Saint Germain and YSL lipstick in Peach Passion.

I tag everyone and anyone to do this tag! I love lipsticks with a passion and would love to know which is your favourite?