Valentine Gift Guide//For Him

Now, let's not forget the man in our life, he too deserves some spoiling! Here is my gift guide, which host some presents I know Aaron would love...unlucky we don't celebrate Valentines..maybe for his 10 months :) Jokes. Haha.

Topman Hoodie £20.00: Aaron would live in hoodies if i'd let him...then again, so would I! I love nothing more than snuggling up in one of his hoodies, so he regularly needs new ones! I love this simple grey one from Topman, and they are so comfy.

Diesel Boxers £22.00: How nice are these? I love pink on men, not like an in your face pink shirt, but a subtle pink t-shirt or these pink boxers, even better! You gotta admit, your man would look pretty hot in these?!

Cowshed Bullocks Moisturiser £16.00: The name of this has had me laughing to myself for about 5 minutes!! It's the little things.. Anyway, it's not just us girls that need an excessive grooming routine, men do as well. I've heard great things about the Cowshed products, so heres hoping their moisturiser will give your man a face worth looking at..jokes ;) haha.

Asos Table Football £5: ...because which man wouldn't want a mini football?

Topshop T-Shirt £32.00: I love this t-shirt, the ombre effect! Aaron has quite a lot of Topman tops, and they are really great quality and there's always something to suit everyones different tastes. 

What are you buying your man this Valentines?