Living with a GIRL..What They Don't Tell You.


*Rachael* If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will have seen my post 'Loving with a boy, things they don't tell you', it went down really well and a lot of you seemed to enjoy it. I even let Aaron have a read, which of course got him thinking about all the things that he has, since living with a girl, discovered. 
*Aaron* There are so many things that I have found out about Rachael and girls in general since moving in with're like a different breed.
*Rachael* He doesn't mean that offensively...Anyway, here is Aarons two cents into living with a girl..

When living with a girl there are so many moments when I just have to pinch myself, not in a aww cute way, but in a 'is this seriously happening' kind of way. 

  • There are hair clips EVERYWHERE. I literally find them everywhere, in the shower, on the livingroom floor and in the bed! Seriously? Can you not just keep them in one place, because then you moan when you can't find any, and have to go out and buy more, when really there's a small stash in the plug hole!
  • Untidy doesn't even begin to cover it! Do you really need a hairdryer, straighteners and curling tongs all out at the same time? Surely if you've straightened your hair, having the curling irons out just defeats the whole purpose?!
  • Do you really need to cram as much crap into a bin, as humanly possible? Just because it's my job to take the bin out doesn't mean you can shove all your shopping bags in it, thinking I won't know you've been shopping if you hide the bags before I get home...Nice try love.
  • We finally get a room nice and warm, and Rachael decides to make a drink..does she shut the door on her way out of the room?? No does she hell, she lets all the cold air in! I now realise why her mum kept asking her if she was born in a barn, and to 'put the wood in the hole'..I thought she was shouting for no reason, now I know and I feel her pain.
  • Working at 7o'clock most days, it's always nice to have a lie in on my days off, but if Rachael is starting work at 7, the whole WORLD is starting work at 7! She puts the light on, crashes around the room, she does give me a subtle kiss goodbye and a whispered 'love you', not knowing that in my head i'm raging and already wide awake.
All this being said, there are some things that Rachael does that really put a smile on my face...

  • Little notes on our chalkboard notice board in the kitchen. Whether it just be a little drawing or a message for me, I love seeing them.
  • She actually lets me watch football more now we live together. Maybe that's her way of getting rid of me for 90+ minutes..probably, but I aint gonna' moan!
  • Rachael is all about nice, healthy, homemade food. I eat so much better now that she cooks for me. She's always browsing through blogs or cookbooks looking for new recipes. She looks after me, she does.
  • I love nothing more than knowing that after a crap day at work, I get to come home to her. Yes she may have her head in a book or earphones in watching youtube, but just knowing she's there. It's great.
Rachael, I love you..but if I ever find a hair clip in the bread bin again, you'll know about it :)