The Budget Buy | Collection Powder Blush.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Collection is a brand that raved about. It holds host to the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which is a hugely hyped about product. Whilst browsing the Collection stand in Boots I noticed this lovely blush. The thing that attracted me to it first was the gorgeous floral design in the blush, and the fact that it looked like the perfect spring/summer shade.
There are only 4 shades in the range, so not much too chose from, but I think there is something for everyone. I picked up the shade 02 Bashful, which is a lovely pinky peach shade. It also has a slight shimmer to it, adding just the right amount of highlight.

When applied it is quite sheer, just adding a slight tint, but it can be built up to add more of an obvious blush. The thing I love most about this blush is that it looks so natural, it's perfect for everyday use as it adds just a natural, pink tint to your cheeks. You look naturally flushed. 
I can't believe how cheap this blushes are! At only £2.99, they're so a bargain.
I've used this everyday since the start of April and I love it. The packaging is really sleek and small, so it's handy to carry round with you and have in your makeup bag. 

What is your favourite Spring blush?

Tough Times & Life Changes...

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Hi Guys,

Sorry i've been so quiet on the blogging front, there has been quite a lot going on and happening recently, so much so that blogging has had to take a back seat for now. This is going to be a really different post to my usual upbeat, chatty, beauty posts and it won't be to everyones 'taste' but I share so much of my life on this blog and with you guys, that I wanted to talk about it and get some things off my chest.

In the FRC household, myself and Aaron (in particular) have suffered a great loss. On Thursday 24th April, Aarons mum lost her fight with cancer. It was a massive, massive shock and still doesn't seem real..
She beat breast cancer a couple of years ago, and we all thought she was through the worse. However, about 3 weeks ago, she was taken to hospital with shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. We then found out that she the cancer had returned. This time to one of her lungs and her liver. How cruel can life be?! You think beating cancer once, you've had your share of shit luck, but to have to fight it a second time, is just really crappy. 

She returned home, with an oxygen tank to help with her breathing, and told she would be starting chemo within the next couple of weeks. In the mean time she was in and out of hospital with checkups and shortness of breath, the oxygen didn't seem to be helping much.

On Thursday morning at about 3:30a.m, Aaron got a phone call of his step-dad telling him to go to the hospital, as things weren't looking good. Aaron went straight away and I stayed home, I felt it was just a time for family and to be honest I just don't think i'd have handled it very well. 
At 1:40pm I got a phone call off Aaron, to tell me she had passed away peacefully. I couldn't believe it. Even now it seems like it's happening to someone else, not to us.
How do you go from being told you have cancer to, 3 weeks later,.....

Aaron is in complete shock and is going through a complete mixture of emotions. Sometimes he is fine, then he's heartbroken, then he's angry..
When he came home after she had passed, I didn't know what to say. Does that make me a bad person? I didn't know what to say to comfort my boyfriend? How do you comfort someone who has lost the most important person in their life? What words can you say?

I'm taking some time off work to be with Aaron, and trying to keep him as busy and occupied as I can. I think planning the new house and sorting all that out is helping him a great deal, giving him something positive to look forward to...
I feel like the past year, my whole life has been surrounded my death.. I had gone 20 years without losing anyone close to me. I then lost my Grandma, Aarons Nan, my Uncles Dad and now Aarons Mum. I hate death. I know people say that it's a way of life and it happens to everyone. But that doesn't make it any less devastating and it certainly doesn't make it easier. 
My heart is broken for Aaron, he's only 24, he shouldn't have to spend the rest of his life without her.

I have some posts written up ready to schedule for the next week or so, they will be a little more positive and not so depressing. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and had a great Easter.

Lots of love xx

Lush Fresh Face Mask | Cupcake | Review

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Like many other bloggers, I am a huge fan of Lush. I love their bath bombs and shower gels, but one thing I hadn't tried which I was dying too, was one of their face masks. One in particular that targeted problem skin, specifically when it comes to spots.
Whilst in their Manchester Arndale store, I browsed through all the different masks, hoping to find one that suited my needs and wants. I came across Cupcake, one of their Fresh Face Masks, which means it is hand-made, preservative free and are only available in Lush stores.
As it is a preservative free, the shelf life of the Fresh Face Masks are usually 3 weeks, and should be stored in your fridge. 

Cupcake is aimed at people with oily and acne prone teenage skin. It is claimed by Lush that Cupcake is 'Rhassoul mud, which is highly absorbent, works with cocoa powder to draw out all the dirt and impurities and give a deep cleanse. Fresh mint stimulates and tones the skin, whilst linseed and cocoa butter soften and moisture.'

Where I am by no means a teenager anymore *sob*, this mask sounded perfect for me, the main thing I love about Lush is that they don't test on animals, and don't buy any ingredients from company's that do! 
Cupcake smells INCREDIBLE, like chocolate pudding with just a teeny scoop of mint ice cream...mmm. The texture is quite thick as it is clay based, which can made it difficult to spread, but oh so worth it!
I apply a generous layer of the mask onto my face, and as it has been in the fridge, it feels amazing and is really cooling on the skin. I leave it on for about 10 minutes, whilst catching up on Game of Thrones FYI, and it drys and hardens pretty quickly, leaving a tightening sensation on the skin. Nothing unpleasant but just enough so you know it's doing something. I then remove the product with a muslin cloth and hot water, or just wash it straight off in the shower, as it's less messy that way.
As soon as I start to rinse of the product, my skin feels like it takes a deep breath! It feels so refreshed and soft it's crazy! I notice a difference in my skin straight away, it feels completely revitalized and plumped up.
I don't know if this mask would help acne skin as I don't suffer from acne, just bad breakouts, but it has definitely helped calm my spots down and prevented any further breakouts.

Which mask would you recommend? Do you have a Lush mask?

Home Inspiration | Pinterest.

Monday, April 14, 2014
Small kitchen ideas

small laundry utility bathroom ideas | Spruce up your LAUNDRY room (23 photos) » laundry-room-14

Cozy, minus painting.

Intresting nightstand idea.

For those of you who don't know, Aaron and I are in the process of buying our first house. We are so excited about this next chapter in our life, and looking forward to getting our hands dirty. We are buying a fixer upper, which is what we have always wanted. A place we can really make our own and put our own personal stamp on.
It is a lovely stone fronted cottage/terrace house, with lovely big rooms, large windows and a huge back garden. Everything we want in a house.
We've just heard back from the survey and everything is going perfectly. We are currently waiting to hear back from the electrician to see if the house will need rewiring, which we are hoping it won't, but some things can't be helped!

I am obsessed with Pinterest lately, I could spend hours browsing through the 'Home Decor' section. You can find my pinterest and all the pictures featured here link.

Our kitchen isn't very big, but as we have a separate dining room, we aren't bothered. I love this one I found which features the sink we want! I love the Farmhouse sink and can't wait to gaze out of the window overlooking our back garden, procrastinating/daydreaming, whilst washing the pots...ahhh..the life of a 21 year old.
From our dining room, we have a small room that leads down to the basement, which i'm hoping to turn into a small utility room! I love the layout of this picture I found, having the dryer on top of the washer will save space, leaving room for our ironing board, maiden and any other bits. 
We are lucky enough to have a fireplace in both, the living room and the dining room! I absolutely love this cosy look, with the gorgeous cushions and knitted throws, I can imagine our house being like this in Autumn and snug!
The dining room is quite large, and our dining table will look quite small and out of place, so to make most of the space we have, I love this unit from Ikea! I think it will look lovely with maybe a bunch of flowers and a lovely large lamp, like the one featured above. 

I'd love to know if you have any home style posts you'd like to see? Maybe some before and after posts? Diy? Let me know :)

I also want to say thankyou for all the lovely comments i've had recently regarding my blog. It really means so much!

The Desk Edit.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

As bloggers, we spend an awful lot of time at our desks. Editing photos, replying to emails and writing up posts. I spend a couple of hours a week at my desk, so all the products I keep on hand, are specially picked to provide hydration, refreshment and general prettiness..Jo Malone here's looking at you...

Firstly, clean hands! I spend ages tapping away at my keyboard then rubbing my face in frustration so it is important to prevent germs from spreading. Just a small blob of Soap & Glory Hand Maid is perfect for keeping pesky germs at bay. It smells lovely and sinks into the skin almost straight away. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir has been a staple of mine since last year, and it has prized place on my desk. Whenever I start to feel a little worse for wear, or tired, a quick spritz of this and I am completely refreshed. It smells amazing and really hydrates my skin. 

Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll-On is a life savour! I get quite puffy eyes, especially when i've been staring at a computer screen for hours on end. So just a quick roll..obviously..of this under each eye works wonders. 

For my lips I use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Repair Balm*. It has a really thick, creamy texture which feels slightly strange at first, a little product definitely goes a long way when it comes to this lip balm. It leaves my lips feeling so soft and hydrated. 

Origins Super Spot Remover is one of my favourite spot treatments. It really drys out and tightens the spot, which to me, means it is doing something! I only use this product when i'm staying in the house as it leaves a sort of...white, crusty coating on spots, sounds attractive I know, but hey..needs must.

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Candle is included in this post as it never moves from my desk, and just looks and smells amazing!!!!!! 

What products do you keep on hand? Any desk side heros? 

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer | Review

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hello Guys,
It feels like AGES since i've sat down and written a review on a beauty product! 

I am a huge fan of the Bourjois Happy Light Foundation so when, on a recent Boots trip, I spotted the matching primer, I knew I had to have it. There are two products in the Happy Light Primer range, Luminous which is for normal to dry skin and Matte which is meant for normal to combination skin. Both primers are suitable for all skin tones, and where it is a slightly peach pink colour, once applied to the skin and blended, the tint disappears. 

One thing I love about any of the Bourjois products, is the packaging. It's simple and so easy to use. A few people have complained about the glass packaging, but I am yet to shatter one, so for me this isn't a problem. The liquid products always come with a pump as well, which for me, is a must. The bonus of a pump top is that there is no waste and you can control exactly how much product you want to use.

The texture of the Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer is so light and almost gel like. I use my fingertips to blend in the product, and it blends in with ease. It is really cooling on the skin, helping to refresh and moisturise. Although it is hydrating, it doesn't encourage any oily areas which is great for me as I have quite an oily chin.
The primer is a mixture between a primer and a moisturising serum, meant for use under foundation or on its own. I have worn it on its own a couple of times and it looks lovely. Skin complexion feels and looks so much smoother, with a matte (natural) finish. 

It works well with any foundations, especially with the Happy Light, helping them to last longer on the skin. It leaves a lovely flawless, almost airbrushed finish to my face and I just love it. It's perfect for everyday use as it isn't too obvious on the skin and doesn't contain any glitter or shimmer. 

What is your favourite primer? Any favourites? 

Rachael xx

What I've Been Doing..Life Updates.

Friday, April 04, 2014

I don't think i've ever done a chatty blog post, basically just rambling about what's been going on in my life, and what i've been up to. I love reading other peoples, pretty much just to be nosy but hey. 

As some of you may know myself & Aaron moved out in September last year into a private rented apartment, and we have really loved it, and we've really enjoyed living together, but we always knew we wanted to own our own house one day. We started looking at houses to buy a couple of weeks ago, and found a few we like. I'm quite picky when it comes to houses, I wanted one in the area that I grew up in, where house prices can be quite expensive but I love the area and it's close to all my family so it was important to me. I wanted a nice back garden and quite large bedrooms. As soon as we walked into the first house we were viewing, we knew it had to be ours. It's a lovely terraced cottage stone house, with 2 large bedrooms, a HUGE back garden AND in the area we wanted. Basically just perfect for us. It is in need of some major renovation, but that is exactly what we wanted, a blank canvas to put our own mark on.

After putting in an offer, after the second viewing, we were so excited! We only had to wait until the next day to hear back from the estate agents and our offer was accepted!!!! We're currently just letting the solicitors do there thing and waiting to hear back from the surveyors. 

We are super excited and enjoying looking through B&Q brochures for new kitchens and bathrooms, before all the hard work starts. We're obviously going to need professionals to sort all the plumbing, electrics and kitchen out, but all the cosmetic things e.g. decorating and painting we are planning on doing ourselves. It's going to be stressful but so worth it.

I've also just booked a trip to London with Momma Blakey, in July, to watch Phantom of the Opera! *screams like a girl* So excited, we've always wanted to watch Phantom and to watch it in London is even better! I absolutely love London, so really looking forward to going back.

On Sunday it will only be 10 weeks until I jet off to Crete, so i'm trying to get on a bit of a health kick. I've literally just finished a session on Just Dance 4, which I loveeeeee. I'm going to try and do this a couple of times a week, as well as going jogging when I can. Aaron & I have signed up the the Manchester Bupa Great Run which is on May 18th. I'm sort of dreading it because i'm horrifically unfit, but it's for charity so it doesn't matter! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, something a little different :) I hope you've all had a good week so far and looking forward to the weekend!

Lots of love xxxxx