What I've Been Doing..Life Updates.


I don't think i've ever done a chatty blog post, basically just rambling about what's been going on in my life, and what i've been up to. I love reading other peoples, pretty much just to be nosy but hey. 

As some of you may know myself & Aaron moved out in September last year into a private rented apartment, and we have really loved it, and we've really enjoyed living together, but we always knew we wanted to own our own house one day. We started looking at houses to buy a couple of weeks ago, and found a few we like. I'm quite picky when it comes to houses, I wanted one in the area that I grew up in, where house prices can be quite expensive but I love the area and it's close to all my family so it was important to me. I wanted a nice back garden and quite large bedrooms. As soon as we walked into the first house we were viewing, we knew it had to be ours. It's a lovely terraced cottage stone house, with 2 large bedrooms, a HUGE back garden AND in the area we wanted. Basically just perfect for us. It is in need of some major renovation, but that is exactly what we wanted, a blank canvas to put our own mark on.

After putting in an offer, after the second viewing, we were so excited! We only had to wait until the next day to hear back from the estate agents and our offer was accepted!!!! We're currently just letting the solicitors do there thing and waiting to hear back from the surveyors. 

We are super excited and enjoying looking through B&Q brochures for new kitchens and bathrooms, before all the hard work starts. We're obviously going to need professionals to sort all the plumbing, electrics and kitchen out, but all the cosmetic things e.g. decorating and painting we are planning on doing ourselves. It's going to be stressful but so worth it.

I've also just booked a trip to London with Momma Blakey, in July, to watch Phantom of the Opera! *screams like a girl* So excited, we've always wanted to watch Phantom and to watch it in London is even better! I absolutely love London, so really looking forward to going back.

On Sunday it will only be 10 weeks until I jet off to Crete, so i'm trying to get on a bit of a health kick. I've literally just finished a session on Just Dance 4, which I loveeeeee. I'm going to try and do this a couple of times a week, as well as going jogging when I can. Aaron & I have signed up the the Manchester Bupa Great Run which is on May 18th. I'm sort of dreading it because i'm horrifically unfit, but it's for charity so it doesn't matter! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, something a little different :) I hope you've all had a good week so far and looking forward to the weekend!

Lots of love xxxxx