Fashion Haul | Spring/Summer.

Hi Lovelies, it's been a while!
The past couple of weeks has been really hard and the loss of Aarons mum still doesn't feel real. Life seems to be getting somewhat back to normal, or as normal as it can be. Last week blogging was the last thing I felt like doing, but the last couple of days i've really missed it. I thought i'd kick things off with a fashion haul. I've been doing quite a lot of shopping recently, they aren't joking when they call it 'Retail Therapy'. I've picked up some lovely bits for Spring/Summer from Matalan, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and River Island.

Matalan Jersey Style Parka £30. Link

I don't really own many jackets, I have one winter coat, a leather jacket and some cosy hoodies but as the weather has been getting a little warmer, I wanted something that was thinner material and easy to just throw on and go. I love browsing in Matalan, they have some great clothes at amazing prices. When I spotted this gorgeous khaki parker, I knew I had to have it. My winter coat is like a much thicker, furrier version of this and I love it, so when I spotted this thinner, more casual version I popped it straight into my basket. It looks great with skinny jeans, a plain tee and my white converse, a great spring outfit.

Miss Selfridge Black & White Geo Trousers £28. Link

On the 15th June I am going to Crete with Aaron, my Mum and younger Brother for a week. I am a sucker for holiday clothes and i'm constantly picking up new bikinis, shorts and dresses. One thing I struggle with when it comes to holidays is what to wear at the airport, I want something that looks nice, but is comfy and practical for sitting on a plane for however many hours. In our local BHS we have a small Miss Selfridge section which is where I spotted these lovely monochrome trousers, they are amazingly comfy and baggy, so they'll be great for strolling through the airport Duty Free and sitting on the plane. I also think these will be great for in the evening with some nice sandals and a white vest top.

River Island Coral Curved Hem Skort £28. Link

I absolutely love this skort! I have wanted one for ages but never found one that I really liked, until I saw this one in River Island, as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I made a beeline straight to it and grabbed my size I think this will look perfect in the evening on holiday, with a lovely tan. It's really nice and feminine, with it's wrap front and flower-like form.

Topshop Scallop Crop Vest £12. Link

I don't think i've ever owned a crop top. I really don't feel comfortable with having my stomach out so has always put off ever buying one. That all changed however when I bought the trousers from Miss Selfridge that I can wear high waisted with a crop top and NOT have my belly out. I love these scallop crop tops from Topshop, and at only £12, they aren't badly priced either!

Topshop Petite Moto Tile Print Leigh Jeans £40. Link

Since buying these jeans, I have seen them everywhere. I usually stick to plain jeans but I decided to venture out into the world of patterned ones. Topshop jeans are my absolute favourite, they fit so well and last ages before losing their shape or colour. I love the print of these, it isn't too in your face but a gorgeous colour and print for Spring/Summer. 

River Island White T-Shirt £16. Link

I'm a sucker for a quirky tee, and this 'Champagne and Strawberries' one was no exception. It's really baggy and has roll sleeves which I love, most of my tee's these days have them. I think this will look great with some skinny jeans, converse and my parka. Keeping it casual, yet quirky.

What is your Spring/Summer fashion must have? Any shops you're loving at the minute?