Easy on the Eyes.

I'm not one of those girls who likes to spend a huge amount of time on their makeup, especially the eyes. I'm all for a quick, easy products that take 5 minutes to do, yet still give you that defined, i've made an effort when really I haven't, look. 

If i'm just nipping to town or for lunch I don't really bother with eyeshadows, I only tend to use them when i'm going for an evening meal, or a night out with the girls.
 The shadows that I always reach for are either the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow or the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks, both are quick to apply and the pigmentation is great. You only need to apply one quick layer and blend them in to get an instant colour on your lids. 

For eyeliner it has to be the Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Black, and it is the perfect eyeliner for a really dramatic eye. It is so pigmented that you only need to press on lightly to get a jet black line. I tend to apply this in the corner of my eye, then blend out along my lash line. 

Benefit They're Real is my favourite mascara by far, it gives instant curl and length to your lashes whilst really thickening them at the same time. It lasts the whole day and would be a real bugger to remove, if it wasn't for my trusty Bioderma. The thing I love most about this mascara is that it doesn't clump on my lashes at all which I have found with a lot of other mascaras and it really puts me off.

It's only recently that i've bothered filling in my eyebrows, shock horror I know, but I never found a product that I loved enough. Until Aaron bought me the Benefit Brow Zings and I am in love. He got it me for Christmas and i've used it almost everyday since. It really defines my eyebrows and fills them in perfectly, without making them look like huge caterpillars on my face. Since when did people think that that was a good look? 

Are you an eye makeup kinda' gal? Or, like me, do you love a product that gives amazing results in 5 minutes?