2016 | The Goals.


As amazing as 2015 was, 2016 is the year for positivity. I am determined to spend my time more wisely, do more of the things I love and get my head out my ass.

Household Goals:
I am going to have more of a routine down in the sense of housework, now that may sound stupid and simple, but my anxiety leaves me tired and with no motivation to do anything, to the point where there could be a mountain of clothes or pots that need washing but I just can't gather any motivation to get up and do them. The crazy thing is that I feel less anxious when I am in a tidier, more relaxed environment! I feel like I will be more likely to do the washing, hoovering and polishing if I have a set routine, doing certain household chores on certain days. 

Health and Lifestyle:
I started off 2015 by joining Slimming World and whilst I was on it, I was on it good and proper, for the first few months and then eventually I just fell on the SW bus and couldn't get back on. I've fallen back into my unhealthy ways and I hate myself for it. I feel run down all the time and so unhappy with myself. I have some holidays coming up in 2016, one is to Morocco in June for my best friend Lindsay's, sisters hen party and another is to Cyprus in October for my sister's wedding and I really want to feel confident and comfortable. 
Although I don't think i'll be going to back to the Slimming World groups, I am going to follow the meal plans and "rules". Cooking fresh meals with fresh ingredients. I'm also planning on drinking a lot more water, i've never been a huge fan but my skin really appreciates me for it! 

I've just bought Charlotte Crosby's 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD and I am planning on doing it 2-3 times a week. I've heard amazing things about it and i'm looking forward to finally getting my lazy ass into shape.

Blogging has been pretty hit and miss again this year. I have months where I feel really inspired and other months, where the thought of blogging literally make me feel sick. I am hoping that 2016 will be the year I manage to blog a few times a week and stick at it. When I am in the blogging zone, I absolutely love it so I am determined to try my best to remember that in 2016. 

What posts you can expect from FRC in 2016:
  • My get fit journey.
  • Recipes, including Slimming World friendly.
  • Wedding planning/inspiration.
  • Lifestyle & travel posts.
  • Beauty reviews.
  • Wishlists.
  • Book hauls and reviews.

I'm excited for a new year and I hope you are too! I'd love to know your 2016 goals.