Why Being A 90's Kid Was The Best.

Monday, February 27, 2017

  I was born in 1992 and honestly had the best childhood. It makes me kind of sad that my children won't experience the freedom I had and experience a easy, simple childhood. These days it's all about who gets the latest phone first or who spends more time on the I-pad. My childhood was spent outside playing catch or red rover and trying not to break my neck in my new jelly shoes (which were the dogs bollocks back then I tell ya!) I thought I would reminisce about all the things I loved about the 90's..

  • The food! The days when turkey dinosaurs, turkey drummers and microchips were a weekly staple and you didn't receive judgemental eyes from the cashier at Asda. Chips in minutes, the future I tell ya!
  • Spending you Saturday mornings watching SM:TV live and your Saturday evenings watching Stars In Their Eyes & Blind Date. I used to be completely baffled at how quickly the contestants on Stars In Their Eyes got changed! It took me a good few years to realise how it worked. It was never the same after that.
  • Spending hours walking around Tammy Girl trying to pick an outfit that would make you look like Mary Kate & Ashley. Mary-Kate was always my twin of choice as I thought she was a little more bad ass.
  • Thinking you were the absolute shit, busting a move out on your dance mat that required you to press so hard on the mat that you genuinely thought you were going to put your foot through the floor.
  • The absolute treat of your Mum asking whether you wanted to go to Blockbuster and pick a film. Although that lead to you spending the next 2 hours arguing over which film you could get and Spice World The Movie for the 10th time was a no-go.
  • The Sabrina The Teenage Witch magazine, that cost you only £1.99 for the first edition and then every other edition after that was a tenner. Nah mate. I'd rather spend my pocket money on Space Raiders and Panda Pops.
  • Scented gel pens! I remember when these first came out and a girl in my class got every scent & I genuinely considered jabbing her in the eye with my pencil to steal them all. I mean a POPCORN scented pen?! Who'd have thought it!
  • The Sunday night ritual of having a bath ready for school and then having to watch Heartbeat before it was bedtime. I hated it at the time, but now I am 24..it sounds pretty damn good.
  • Asking for a Furby for Christmas and then realising what a huge fucking mistake that was when the damn thing didn't shut it's beaky little mouth for hours & hours!
  • Spending your breaks at school playing MASH and hoping you would end up married to your nine year old crush, living in a mansion with three kids on the coast of Jamaica. Nine year old Rachael had big, big dreams.

I could write hundreds of reasons why being a 90's kid was the best but I don't want to make the 00's kids jealous..

Mum-To-Be Skincare | NSpa Gift Box.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

For Christmas, my mum bought me a lovely Mum to Be Gift Box from NSpa, it includes a Moisturising Bump Butter, Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil, a Soothing Nipple Balm (oh how glamorous) and a Deep Cleansing Mud Mask.

These are the first pregnancy related skin care products I have used and so far I am really enjoying them! The only product I haven't tried is the Soothing Nipple Balm, which I am saving for when Baby C is actually here and destroying my nipples..(pray for the nipples!!)

I love to use the Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil every night before I get in bed, you only really need a couple of drops as a little goes a long way. As I realised when I was a little heavy handed with the dispensing of the product and ended up looking like a contestant from a bodybuilding contest. 
I just use a couple of drops, warm it up between my palms and then rub in circular motions across my bump and hips. I don't actually think this will help prevent stretch marks, if you are going to get them..you are going to get them and I am completely fine with that. It just feels nice to have a little pamper.

After every shower, once I have dried myself off, I lather myself in the Moisturising Bump Butter. It contains Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E and leaves my skin feeling so amazingly soft and nourished. It also smells lovely. This has been particularly helpful over the past few weeks as my bump has become quite itchy and this cream helps to cool and soothe my tummy.

These two products combined leave my bump feeling so lovely and soft. Hopefully the Nipple Balm will do the same..
This would be a lovely gift for any mummy's to be that you know, maybe for a upcoming birthday or baby shower. 

Which skincare have you been loving? Are there any products that you swore by when you were pregnant? 

Pregnancy Diary: 30 Weeks Pregnant | Third Trimester.

Friday, February 24, 2017
Baby Cope is now the size of a Cantaloupe (holy shit), is around 39 cm in length and weighs roughly around 3lb. I can't believe I am 30 WEEKS pregnant already, it's gone by so quickly which I really didn't expect. Im sure it will slow down once I finish for maternity (6 weeks and counting!). I thought I would give an update of how i've found pregnancy so far and how i'm feeling now that we're in the last stretch!

Baby Development: Baby Cope is now fully developed, their lungs just aren't quite mature enough yet to support them in the outside world, although if I happened to into premature labour, Baby would have a extremely good chance of survival. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: Third trimester insomnia..holy shit..I was NOT expecting it at all. For the past week I have been waking up every two hours in the night and by 5a.m, I am wide awake and just can't get back to sleep. I honestly live for my afternoon naps. 

Body Changes: My bump has suddenly come out of nowhere, I feel so big and I am loving it. The one thing however that I am not enjoying is the amount of comments I get everyday at work about whether my bump is small, neat, massive..I know you shouldn't let people and their comments get to you but it's just so hard to keep a straight face and not scream in their face. I have a WHOLE other blog post coming up on all the irritating and unwanted pregnancy comments I have had.

Baby's Movements: My absolute favourite thing this whole pregnancy is definitely feeling our gorgeous baby move. They've gone from crazy little kicks (which started around 18-20 weeks) to full-on rolls, wriggles, punches and hiccups. Baby is most active at night when I first lay in bed and I just sit & watch them roll over & move around. I just love it.

Antenatal Appointments & Classes: We attended our first class a couple of weeks ago at the hospital and it was a Positive Birth Workshop. There were only four other couples there so it was lovely and intimate, the midwife was so nice and friendly. She talked us through the benefits of being relaxed during pregnancy, tips on how to take care of yourself, the different labours you might want to have, pain relief ect. It was really useful and helpful. 

From day one I have wanted a water birth and I am still very much set on that idea (I know birth plans can go right out of the window and if that happens, that is absolutely fine) so the midwife was kind enough to take us on a tour of the birthing suite where there is a lovely big pool, bean bags, beds and a birthing ball. It was so relaxed, they had the lights turned right down, there were fairy lights on the ceiling, relaxing music playing. It was just a lovely, calm environment and really helped put my mind at ease being able to SEE the room where *hopefully* our baby will be born. 

Planning Ahead: I will have four weeks of maternity before Baby will make an appearance (if they come on their due date, which I am not counting on) so I have decided to treat myself at the local spa and have booked in for a 'Mummy To Be Package' which includes a back massage, leg massage, facial and a face mask for your bump. I am having this on my first week of maternity as a little treat to myself before the madness of parenthood arrives. I can't even explain how excited. Back ache and leg cramps in pregnancy are a real bitch so I can't wait to have a pamper session. 

Are any of you expecting a baby? I hope it isn't just me that feels like they are going to wet themselves at least five times a day..