Why Being A 90's Kid Was The Best.

  I was born in 1992 and honestly had the best childhood. It makes me kind of sad that my children won't experience the freedom I had and experience a easy, simple childhood. These days it's all about who gets the latest phone first or who spends more time on the I-pad. My childhood was spent outside playing catch or red rover and trying not to break my neck in my new jelly shoes (which were the dogs bollocks back then I tell ya!) I thought I would reminisce about all the things I loved about the 90's..

  • The food! The days when turkey dinosaurs, turkey drummers and microchips were a weekly staple and you didn't receive judgemental eyes from the cashier at Asda. Chips in minutes, the future I tell ya!
  • Spending you Saturday mornings watching SM:TV live and your Saturday evenings watching Stars In Their Eyes & Blind Date. I used to be completely baffled at how quickly the contestants on Stars In Their Eyes got changed! It took me a good few years to realise how it worked. It was never the same after that.
  • Spending hours walking around Tammy Girl trying to pick an outfit that would make you look like Mary Kate & Ashley. Mary-Kate was always my twin of choice as I thought she was a little more bad ass.
  • Thinking you were the absolute shit, busting a move out on your dance mat that required you to press so hard on the mat that you genuinely thought you were going to put your foot through the floor.
  • The absolute treat of your Mum asking whether you wanted to go to Blockbuster and pick a film. Although that lead to you spending the next 2 hours arguing over which film you could get and Spice World The Movie for the 10th time was a no-go.
  • The Sabrina The Teenage Witch magazine, that cost you only £1.99 for the first edition and then every other edition after that was a tenner. Nah mate. I'd rather spend my pocket money on Space Raiders and Panda Pops.
  • Scented gel pens! I remember when these first came out and a girl in my class got every scent & I genuinely considered jabbing her in the eye with my pencil to steal them all. I mean a POPCORN scented pen?! Who'd have thought it!
  • The Sunday night ritual of having a bath ready for school and then having to watch Heartbeat before it was bedtime. I hated it at the time, but now I am 24..it sounds pretty damn good.
  • Asking for a Furby for Christmas and then realising what a huge fucking mistake that was when the damn thing didn't shut it's beaky little mouth for hours & hours!
  • Spending your breaks at school playing MASH and hoping you would end up married to your nine year old crush, living in a mansion with three kids on the coast of Jamaica. Nine year old Rachael had big, big dreams.

I could write hundreds of reasons why being a 90's kid was the best but I don't want to make the 00's kids jealous..