Quick & Easy Beauty Routine For Mums On-The-Go.


It's no secret that life as a parent is extremely hectic! People warned me that I wouldn't have much free time once Teddy arrived and I just laughed and thought *bollocks*, how can a tiny human being take up 24 hours of the day?!

Silly Rachael...

Turns out, those people were right! I don't know how they do it, but babies really do take up every free minute of your time. 'Me' time is officially over and that excessive skincare & makeup routine is a thing of the past. You barely have time to pee, let alone take twenty minutes trying to do your winged eyeliner! My nice twenty minute showering days are gone, it's literally a case of deciding whether you wash your hair or shave your legs & armpits, because you don't have time to do both!


In the early days of motherhood, everything I used to do as part of my daily routine went out the window. Cleanse, tone & moisturise?! Yeah, alright pal. You try doing that with a baby hanging from one boob whilst the other drips milk all over the floor. Too much information? I'm not even sorry! However, since Teddy has got older and can now spend a maximum of fifteen minutes by himself with the help of his cot mobile for a distraction, I've started sorting myself out and I've finally got a skincare routine that works for us and also benefits my skin.

Liz Earle is my all time favourite skincare brand and I've used their Cleanse & Polish and Skin Tonic religiously for about 3 years. If I am having a shower (I tend to do this when Aaron's home either in a morning or evening depending what shift he is on) I will take my cleanser and muslin cloth in the shower with me and kill two birds with one stone. I then come out and quickly spritz on my toner before applying a generous amount of the Simple hydrating moisturiser to my face and neck.


I used to love wearing makeup. Not everyday mind, but on my days off or when I was off out, I used to love sitting at my dressing table and applying my favourite products. I think I've possibly worn makeup...twice, since having Teddy almost 10 weeks ago. By makeup, I no longer mean a full face but more of a, you have five minutes until the cot mobile stops playing it's sweet tune and you'll have a very angry Teddy on your hands. 

Concealer is a must for obvious reasons, sleepless nights don't do good things to your skin let me tell ya. The Collection Lasting Perfection is my favourite and does the job without spending a small fortune. I apply a quick lashing of mascara to make it seem like I am more awake than I actually am and if i'm really pushing my luck, i'll apply some eyeshadow with the help of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo! A quick run through with an eyebrow pencil or palette, I use Benefit's Browzing which I LOVE and then to finish it all off I apply a bit of tinted lip balm! Gone are the days of applying a bold lipstick as I tend to forget I have it on and end up giving Teddy a giant lipstick mark on his face! I have been using the Maybelline Baby Lips as they are really moisturising and just give a slight tint of colour to your lips.

As I said before, I have only managed to wear makeup twice since having Teddy because lets face it, if it's a choice of extra time in bed or applying makeup? Sleep wins every single time.

How do you manage to have 'me' time? Is it just me that struggles with self care and feeding a hangry baby?