Things I Miss Since Becoming A Mummy.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Some people take motherhood in their stride, it's a role they were born to do & they'd never go back to their life pre-baby because everyday is wonderful. I hate to be THAT mother but jesus christ, there are some days where I would sell my left breast for just one day, or even half a day (beggars can't be choosers and all that) to go back to being 'pre-mummy' Rachael. I love Teddy more than anything in this universe, I really, really do. But there are some days where I sit and want to sob over all the things I took for granted before I had him. You don't realise all the things that will change as soon as you have a baby. They don't change gradually over time. It's instant. Like not being able to sneeze or cough without peeing yourself.
I'm not afraid to take one for the mama team & look back on all the things I miss since becoming a mother....

14 Ways To Declutter Your Life.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
I don't know if it the change in season or whether it's that Christmas (yes, yes I said the C word..) is very nearly upon us but I suddenly have the urge to organise, tidy and declutter my life. Whether that's selling or donating Teddy's old or unused things, giving the kitchen cupboards a sort out or binning clothes that I haven't worn in 5 years but for some reason just can't seem to let go of. I have a tendency of hoarding, feeling some emotional attachments to things even though i'll never use them again or they've never been used. I always come up with a reason to keep hold of them "just incase.."

Well not anymore! I am a mission to donate, sell or bin all our unwanted crap and give my life a good old declutter. I know it's going to take time but taking just a little time out of each day, dedicated to getting rid of the clutter will make it so much easier to maintain a clutter-free life. It'll help me feel so much more organised and on top of my shit, which for the past few months, I really haven't felt like. Here are all the things I am going to do over the next couple of weeks to help tackle the clutter:

What Breastfeeding Has Taught Me.

Monday, September 25, 2017
What breastfeeding has taught me

If you have read my blog for a while or follow me on social media, you will know that I exclusively breastfeed Teddy and have done since he was born four months ago. I have always been really open and honest about breastfeeding, sharing my Breastfeeding Journey and although it is possibly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do (a close second to building his fucking cot bed) I wouldn't change it for the world. I thought I would share all the things that breastfeeding has taught me, aside from needing nipples made of steel...

ErgoPouch Swaddle Sleeping Bag

Friday, September 22, 2017

ErgoPouch Swaddle Sleeping Bag Review
ErgoPouch Swaddle Sleeping Bag Review

When we found out we were having Teddy, I think we bought pretty much everything we possibly could and we felt fully prepared for all situations. Silly me. I have definitely learned my lesson & know what is a gimmick, what we never used and what we would 100% repurchase. One thing we didn't get round to buying was a sleeping bag. I'd heard a lot about them & knew they were safer than blankets but I didn't like the idea of putting a tiny baby in a huge sleeping bag that they could get lost in, I also couldn't do a swaddle to save my fucking life. Luckily for me, Teddy hated being swaddled so I never had to learn properly. However a couple of weeks ago, the temperature definitely dropped, especially at night time and I suddenly went into panic mode about Teddy getting too cold and decided it was definitely time to get a sleeping bag. We then discovered the ErgoPouch Swaddle Sleeping Bag.

Teddy's Four Month Update.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Baby's Four Month Update

How in the hell is my child four months old?! I feel like the months are going by quicker & quicker, it doesn't feel like two minutes since I was writing his three month update!
I can't believe how much Teddy has changed this month, his personality just grows & grows. He is reaching so many milestones, interacting with his toys, being able to focus and grab them with ease (they go straight in his mouth..) and sometimes he'll do the sweetest little giggle. Usually when his Daddy is tickling him or blowing on his belly. It just fills me with so much love seeing them together.
It's been over a year this month, since we found out we were expecting Teddy and I can't believe it. He has been in our lives for one whole year.

Autumn Goals.

Monday, September 18, 2017
Autumn goals I want to achieve including personal and blogging.

As much as I love Summer & the warmer months, there is something about Autumn that makes me feel really content. September, to me, marks the beginning of Autumn I love nothing more than lighting my autumnal scented candles, turning on all the fairy lights and getting cosy on the sofa. None of that pumpkin spices latte shite, I aint about that life. Eugh. It also means we are one season away from CHRISTMAS! Now that, I can get onboard with! I'm also super excited for our local firework display that takes place in Autumn, I can't wait to take Teddy. Chances are he won't give a shit, but i'll feel satisfied and like i've fulfilled some sort of mummy mission.

I thought I would give you a run down of all the Autumn goals I am hoping to get done on both a personal & blogging level. I'm going to try and do one of these for every season..

10 Things Not To Say To A First Time Mama.

Saturday, September 16, 2017
Ten things not to say to a first time mum

One thing I have learnt as a first time mum is that people think they can suddenly ask you/give you an opinion on everything. They start rhyming off all their unwanted advice and telling you things that you really couldn't care less about. When I was pregnant I got the usual, 'oh you're massive', 'ohh when I was pregnant..' & my favourite 'how are you going to feed baby?' With my milk making titties clearly wasn't the answer they expected...If they want to ask the inappropriate questions, an inappropriate answer is what they'll get back. Since having Teddy, the comments and questions have only got worse! I thought i'd share 10 things NOT to say to a first time mum. Or any mum for that matter!

Side Note: I do like to overshare. Quite a lot...


How I Feel About My Post-Partum Body.

Friday, September 15, 2017

I love my body because it has grown and given birth to my baby. I just don't always like it. Is it beautiful? I'm not so sure.

Growing up I was always conscious of my body, I hated the idea of getting 'fat'. I've always been a size 10 and I put it down to a good metabolism because I ate for England and always have done. I've never been the healthiest of people or the most active. I danced a lot when I was younger but that all stopped once I got to the top end of secondary school and I've never really bothered with exercise since. That isn't anything I am proud of! However when I found out I was pregnant, my fear of gaining weight and my changing shape completely disappeared! I couldn't wait to watch my belly grow every month and I was never worried about getting stretch marks, if they came, they came. It's part of the pregnancy package!


During my pregnancy with Teddy, I gained almost two and a half stone. I was weighed by my midwife at my first antenatal appointment and I weighed myself right at the end, on my due date. I didn't weigh myself during my pregnancy at all. People thought I was exaggerating but the numbers really didn't matter to me. I genuinely didn't care how much weight I gained.

When I looked back I realised that my fear of getting 'fat' was that my slender, big boobs, slim waisted body was what I craved because that is what society deems as acceptable and celebrates. I hadn't realised that I had piled pressure on myself to stay that way because I was seeking some fucked-up sort of acceptance. When really, as soon as I had a reason to gain weight and have my body shape change, I completely embraced it.

Dear Mama: Co-Sleeping & Why It's Okay.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
co-sleeping and why it is okay

Co-sleeping isn't something I really looked into when I was pregnant. I didn't understand people that co-slept. Babies sleep in their moses baskets or cribs at night don't they? Babies will fall asleep wherever you put them, right? Nah. They really don't. They may be tiny but newborn babies know EXACTLY where they want to sleep and if that's in their designated space, good for you. In a lot of cases however, it's right next to mama. And by right next to, I mean literally RIGHT next to you. 

We were in hospital for two nights after I had Teddy & both those nights, he slept quite happily in his little rocking crib next to my bed, swaddled up to his baby blue eye balls, happy as larry. I'm sure he lured me into a false sense of security on purpose...
I remember on our second night, a midwife insisted I get some sleep and lay Teddy next to me, latched him on for me and let us sleep for a couple of hours, however when we got home, I knew i'd be too terrified to try it without a midwife there to check on us, so pushed it to the back of my mind.

When we got home however, would he settle in his moses basket or crib at night time? Would he fuck! I put it down It's to cluster feeding and figured he just needed to sort my supply out and we'd be laughing. Those first two weeks were horrendous, not just for the constant nightly feeds but for the fact he wouldn't sleep anywhere but my arms until around 5 in the morning where he would pass out on our bed. I was so terrified of falling asleep with him in my arms that I would stay awake all night. If I tried to put him down, he screamed bloody murder and we'd end up having to pace the house to try & get him to calm down.

Share The Love...

Monday, September 11, 2017

One thing I have noticed, in particular, over the last couple of months is how negative the social media world has become. Bloggers bitching about bloggers, the Instagram algorithm being particularly shitty & Twitter being used to spread unnecessary hate! There is enough crap going on in the 'real world' without being sucked into it online as well. I don't know about you, but I actually come online to escape the everyday norm. I spend my days with my boobs out (breastfeeding not just for shits & giggles..), cleaning shitty nappies and trying to not have meltdown. Instagram, blog posts & Twitter are where I go to take my mind off all that & enjoy ten minutes of reading about something other than whether my child hates me and if leap 4 is making any other parent want to jump out the window and do a runner'.

I thought it was time to share the love! I am going to do a roundup of my favourite blogs at the minute, Instagram's I am loving (& slightly jealous off) and people in general, spread some damn positivity!

My girl Terri, words can't express how much I love her & her gorgeous Ezra. I met this mama through Instagram & back in March we started a group chat with two other first time mama's (Rachel & Chelsie you absolute babes with your delicious boys!). We were all pregnant at the time & bonded over our honesty, no-shit attitude and our crude remarks about how unglamorous pregnancy was for us. Now we are 6 months deep in our relationship and they are all my soul sisters. We all welcomed baby boys and we talk everyday about always loving them, but possibly not always liking them. Terri started her blog when Ezra was first born and it is one of my all time favourites! Her post all about "Mama Advice" and the fact it is pretty much 100% unwanted is a must-read! Her Instagram is also the most colourful feed you will ever find, full of rainbows!

Caitylis is all round a good egg! Her photography is serious goals and I am incredibly jealous of her stunning flat lays. She also writes so lovely and her blog posts are always my favourites to read! Her latest post "11 Things You Must Do This Autumn" makes for perfect reading & has really gotten me in the mood for Autumn and the colder weather! We have recently been talking on Twitter and she is just so lovely. She is also expecting a little boy in December & i'm so excited for him to arrive!

Amy is a first-time mama like myself to a gorgeous little boy Freddie! I follow Amy on Instagram & her feed is beautiful. I love her honesty when it comes to motherhood and i'm also slightly (read as: a lot) envious that she finds the time to look gorgeous! I feel like I barely have my shit together and she gives me hope that one day I may find the time to curl my hair again. These days i'm lucky to get a brush through it. My favourite post of hers is all about breastfeeding "Nipples, Night-Feeds and Not What I Expected".

Gee is one of my favourite people! We bonded through a love for hilarious GIFS and sarcastic tweets. Her Instagram is full of delicious looking meals that she makes for her little girls and I know where I will be going for inspiration when Teddy is weaning. She is a complete girl boss; looking after her two gorgeous girls AND running a blog. I need some of her motivation and organisation skills! Gee's latest post "Let's Talk About Suicide" is an absolute must-read and highlights such an important topic!

Kassy is my due date twin & although her little boy arrived a lot earlier than Teddy did, she is currently one of the main reasons I am just about surviving the "Fourth Leap" or as we like to call it the "What the fuck is wrong with my child, and where is the alcohol?" leap. We are currently bonding over our lack of sleep & counting down the days to the end of the leap, where we are going to celebrate the shit out of life! 7 DAYS TO GOOOOO. Her latest post "Mummy Guilt- The Daily Struggle" is one that I completely relate to & i'm sure lots of other mummies will as well!

Are there any blogs, Instagram's or people you are loving at the minute? 

What I Am Currently Reading, Watching & Listening To.

Friday, September 08, 2017

    Currently watching reading and listening to

Currently Reading..

The Wonder Weeks Book; This book has been a life saver these past couple of weeks. It also has a matching app that is so handy to check out when you are on the go. If you have never heard of The Wonder Weeks, it is a book that breaks down your child's development into 'leaps'. As your baby is growing up and learning new things you will notice a huge change in their behaviour, and not in a good way! They have a leap every few weeks and the book or app, whichever method you prefer, explains what they are currently learning, tips on dealing with the changes and it also tells you signs to look out for as a new leap is approaching. Teddy is currently going through leap 4, a.k.a the devil leap and the app has perfectly described his behaviour.

Currently Watching..

I've actually been watching a lot of Netflix films recently. I've found that Netflix can be so hit & miss with their movies, not updating them for a while or when they do update they are really old films that I've never heard of. However I've recently watched one film with Gerard Butler *swoon*, that I had never heard of called A Family Man and it was really good! Quite weepy so be prepared! I also finally got around to watching Deepwater Horizon with Mark Wahlberg *another swoon* which is a disaster film based on the actual events of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil leak. I really enjoyed this film and think it is definitely worth a watch. Again, it's another weepy one as it's based on real events. You forget as you are watching it that this ACTUALLY happened and get caught up in the film, however at the end it has a list of names and pictures of all the people that sadly lost their lives. I must have been in a "lets watch sad films" mood recently..

YouTube! I have fallen back in love with watching videos and really found some channels & people that I love. I highly recommend Hannah Gale's weekly vlogs, Lydia Millen's wedding planning updates and Hello October's (Suzie) homeware hauls!

Currently Listening To..

This week, Giovanna Fletcher released her Happy Mum, Happy Baby Podcast! I was so excited when she announced she would be releasing a podcast a long side her book that came out earlier this year. I absolutely love Gi's fictional work so I couldn't wait to pick up her first non-fiction book all about her journey as a mother to two small boys and she really does give a true, honest account of what motherhood has been like for her so far. This week her podcast featured Emma Willis, who I have a complete crush on, and they talked so honestly and openly about motherhood, breastfeeding and how parenting isn't all they thought it would be! I absolutely loved it and I can't wait for next weeks episode.

What have you been up to this week? Have you read or watched anything you've really enjoyed?!

This Time Last Year...

Tuesday, September 05, 2017
One year on..

It has been exactly one year since I found out we were expecting Teddy. One whole year has gone by and I can't quite believe it! It's been the quickest 12 months ever, but yet, feels like it was a whole other lifetime. I can't remember a time B.T (Before Teddy).

This time last year I had a feeling I was pregnant and remember talking to Aaron the night before about it saying I thought I might be but didn't want to get my hopes up and he was down playing it saying maybe I was just due on, however the next day when we were OFFICIALLY pregnant, he said he suspected all along and just didn't want me to be disappointed if I wasn't so kind of shrugged me off. 


You can read a more in-depth version of events on my post 'We're Having A Baby'.

It's crazy thinking how much our lives have changed this past year. We are no longer just a couple who does what they want, as and when they please. We are a little family unit and everything we do, we do with Teddy at the forefront of our minds.


I can't believe we have a three, almost four month old! It is literally surreal and it still baffles me that we spent my whole pregnancy not knowing who this little person would be. He started off as just a wish and I dreamed so hard for him. We decided not to find out the gender so spent every couple of months having guessing games with other people, planning a nursery with no idea WHO we were planning it for but then as soon as he arrived, it was like I had always known it was him. 

When Aaron announced we had a boy, instantly I was like, yes that is him. I felt like I had known him for a lifetime and it hasn't been the easiest few months. If you follow me on Twitter (@Rchi_B) or Instagram (@fromrachael_claire) you will know that I haven't always found motherhood easy and there are times where I still wonder what the hell I've done, but saying all that, I wouldn't change a single thing. As much as I miss sleep and being able to take a poop at my own leisure & without having to leave the door open so I can hear Teddy, I wouldn't change him for the world. He has slotted perfectly into our lives.

We have such wonderfully big, beautiful dreams and plans for you Theodore Atlas. 

Lessons I Have Learnt Since Becoming A Parent | Guest Post Series | The Prosecco Mum

Monday, September 04, 2017

I'm Jess, aka Prosecco Mum. I'm a mum and I'm partial to a glass or five of the good stuff. Though this doesn't happen as often as I'd like now, so when I do strip off my well worn 'mum' leggings and get my glad rags on, I turn into one of those over-excited, just turned 18 year olds that you see binge drinking in pubs. Except I'm 34 and I'm apparently a responsible mother to my two babies - Sofia who's in full threenage mode and Arlo who's four months.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can prepare you for becoming a parent. Having your first child is a huge culture shock; no matter how selfless you think you were before, an arrival of a baby makes you realise you were actually pretty selfish. I mean all you may want is to have a wee. Alone. Is that too much to ask? And for all you non-parents doubting it 'can be that hard', there are no amount of hangovers, even seven day long ones that will EVER be as horrendous as four months sleep deprivation. Yes I speak from experience. 


Lessons I Have Learned Since Becoming A Mummy

● Your time is no longer your time. You can bet your bottom dollar that the moment you boil that kettle, pour the steaming water over that teabag, think about taking a first sip…the nap will just end.

● You can’t just ‘pop’ anywhere without a strict military operation taking place - and heaven forbid, don't forget the changing bag!

● Every time you take a shower you'll hear a crying baby; even if they're not in the house. I think its correct term is shower psychosis. Just me? 

● Sleep is for the weak. I mean who needs a lie in past 6.30 anyway?

● Health Visitors, on the whole, are pretty useless. They can’t give personal advice they read it from a book. So, how about we stop these weekly visits as I can just find out the answers to my questions on Google.

● Speaking of which, Google’s actually a bit of a no-no. You’ll end up diagnosing an imminent cot death or a brain tumour. And that’s just us parents!

● From the moment you conceive you also conceive loads of new emotions that make you cry at absolutely everything. Often at really inappropriate times. You think pregnancy is bad? Wait until days 3-5 post partum. 

● Mum friends are a necessity! You really do lean on those who are going through the same experiences as you, at the same time. You will more than likely have lifelong friends, and they will always be there, but there's something special about hanging out with other sleep deprived, sicked on parents during maternity leave to motivate you to drag your ass out to see when really all you want to do is fester on the sofa (some days like this are OK, but not every day - it's not great for your state of mind. 

Enjoyed this? 
You can read the full blog 'First year as a first time mama, here:

Social Media - 
Instagram: @the_prosecco_mum 
Twitter: @proseccomum


Dear Mama: The Fourth Trimester.

Sunday, September 03, 2017
The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester

This was something I heard about on & off when I was pregnant but I never really paid much attention to it. It wasn't until Teddy was about a week old and I text my sister wondering what the fuck was going on. I had been up all night, holding a baby that wouldn't be put down for love or money, breast milk in areas where one should never have breast milk and my hair in a top knot that I swear, if I had removed the bobble, it wouldn't budge an inch.

I couldn't get anything done that took longer than two minutes because Teddy would wail like a banshee until I picked him up and fed him. That goes for at night time too! He wouldn't be put down so I found myself either walking around the bedroom or sat up in bed with the support of 100's of cushions feeding for hours & hours on end. Only being able to put him down at the crack of dawn where he would sleep in between us until 9/10am. Those four or five hours of sleep where everything.

My Sister yet again reminded me that this behaviour is completely, 100% normal and forwarded me the link to Sarah Hockwell-Smiths article on The Fourth Trimester. This article literally saved my life and I finally looked at motherhood in a whole different light. I could completely relate to every single thing she said and I remember sitting in bed, sobbing whilst reading it because I realised I wasn't alone and the things I had been experiencing & feeling where normal. Nothing was wrong with me or my baby, he wasn't broke and I wasn't imaging things.

The fourth trimester starts from the moment your baby is born until they are around three months old; so contrary to what you actually think at the time, it will not last forever! As Sarah put it, to empathise with our babies and understand how they are feeling, we need to put ourselves in their position. They have spent the past 9 months in their own little womb world. Secure and safe with their mummy. They are then suddenly out in our world and it's a bloody huge shock. Basically.

They have gone from being somewhere dark, constantly warm and being in constant contact with their mummy to somewhere bright, fluctuating temperature and reduced contact with their mummy who, up until then, has literally been their whole world. It's also important to remember that in the womb their life was exactly the same, everyday, for nine months to a world that is ever changing!

Your new baby has to completely rely on you for everything; care, attention and love. Your baby only has their instinct and reflexes to help them control their behaviour and movement. Contrary to what people say, you can NOT spoil a baby! It really pisses me off when people say you are making a 'rod for your own back' by always picking your baby up when they are crying or cuddling them to sleep. I personally think it's a load of bollocks. If Teddy needs me to hold, snuggle and love him to help him sleep and feel safe..i'm sure as shit going to do it! I don't care what anyone else says.

How We Survived The Fourth Trimester

Skin-to-Skin; We still do this now and I love it so much. It's so special, reassuring your baby with your warmth and smell. Stripping your baby down and holding them against you also helps to calm and soothe them when they are upset. We did skin-to-skin when Teddy had a temperature after his eight week jabs, as your temperature helps them to regulate theirs.

Co-Sleeping; I will be doing a whole other post on this but for those of you who follow me on social media or have read my previous posts, you will know that we co-slept with Teddy from around one/two weeks old until he was about 8 weeks and it was a complete life saver. I know co-sleeping isn't for everyone and a lot of people don't feel comfortable but when your baby is cluster feeding and won't be put down to sleep, you have to do what you have to do.

Feed On Demand; Teddy is still fed on demand and probably will be for a while. Whether you are breast or bottle feeding, making sure that your baby gets nourishment as & when they need it- rather than sticking to a set schedule. Feeding to a schedule is possibly easier, especially when bottle feeding as you can plan and prepare your bottles in advance but as I am breastfeeding, I can just feed Teddy whenever and wherever he needs. Whether it's every hour or every three.

Fuck The Routines; Don't worry yourself with trying to get your baby into a routine. If your baby naturally falls into one then fine, but don't stress if they don't! Teddy is three months old and we still aren't in any sort of permanent routine. Other than starting his bath, boob and bed routine at 7pm, we just wing it during the day. He naturally starts getting tired around 7pm which is why we have adapted to what works for him.

Mummy Club; Having a support network, especially during the early days, is essential. Whether it's friends or family, just having people to talk to and get advice from when you need it most! My mummy club saved my life. I am the first person out of my circle of friends to have a baby so finding other pregnant gals' or new mums to chat to in the middle of the night or during your 2000th feed of the day is one of the main reasons I survived the fourth trimester. Whether they are IRL friends or someone you can chat to online who you feel comfortable with; go for it! A problem shared and all that..

Relax; Easier said than done but honestly, take a breath and relax. You are doing, what I think, is one of the hardest things in the world. For some people motherhood happens naturally and they take everything in their stride. For me, it took a little while to adapt and realise that as long as I am doing whatever works best for me and Teddy, then bugger everyone else.

I hope you have found this post useful if you are pregnant or a new mummy, or if it brought back memories of your babies early days? My Dear Mama series is going to be a series of posts all about things I wish I had known more about or certain subjects that I would love to have heard from personal experience!

Staying Organised: Mini Poundworld Stationary Haul

Friday, September 01, 2017

   Since the beginning of time, I have been a lover of stationary. When I was still at school, nothing excited me more than going into town and picking all my new stationary ready for the new school year. The pressure of trying to pick the best pencil case that could house your 10,000 smelly gel pens (side note: does anyone remember them?! You propa' thought you were the dogs bollocks if you had them in your pencil case!).

I have always had a notebook lying around the house to jot down shopping lists or work out our finances ect, but since getting properly back into my blog I needed to up my game. I've found, even more since having Teddy, that organisation really is key. I don't have time to sit down last minute and write up a blog post, so I have been making more of an effort to schedule a weeks worth of blog posts on a Sunday when Aaron is off. I know some people aren't a fan of scheduling posts in advance but at the minute it's really what works best for me & also means i'm not abandoning Teddy throughout the day when Aaron is at work. 

I had heard on the grapevine (Twitter) that Poundland/World had really made an impact with their new stationary range! It is all B-E-A-UTIFUL. It honestly resembles something you could pick up at Paperchase but for a hell of lot less moula. The range starts at just 75p which is a complete bargain & who doesn't love a bloody bargain?! The shop has released three different ranges; The Premium Collection which includes pastel colours & geo-metric patterns. The Unicorn & Rainbows Collection and also the Fashion Collection which features pineapples and flamingo designs.


Arriving at Poundworld you can tell which range was the most popular and the whole aisle had been ransacked! Luckily there were a few bits left that I had my eye on; including this Notes & Ideas lined notebook and also (my favourite) To Do This Week planner, which is currently housed on my desk with the felt tips. I am going to use this especially for my blog to write down when posts are going live, emails I have to answer or posts that need to be written for the following week. 

Having somewhere to jot down all my ideas, posts and urgent things I need to remember to do, especially for my blog has definitely helped me become more organised. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing something off your list! I feel so much more productive now.

I also picked up the 'Fresh Out Of..' planner which is perfect for helping you plan your shopping lists! It breaks down all the different categories including; fruit, veg, cleaning & laundry ect. I do all my shopping online so this will make it so much easier to remember to pick up everything we need. We've started writing things down as & when we use them so we know that it needs replacing. These are such a good idea as it stops you picking up unnecessary crap because you can't remember if you have run out of it or not. So you end up buying it for the sake of it, then finding out you already had two in the back of your cupboard! I can't tell you how many times I have been guilty of doing this. 

I am planning on heading back to Poundworld this weekend, because there are some sticky notes and another notebook with my name on it! Have you seen the range? What do you think of it? How do you stay organised?