Autumn/Winter Baby Boy Haul


We are well & truly in Autumn and Winter is fast approaching, the days carry a chill & it's getting darker in the evenings much earlier. Colder days means making sure that we are all fully kitted out on snuggly thick layers of clothing, especially Teddy. I spent the whole Summer worrying whether he was too warm & now i'm checking every five minutes that he's warm enough! Teddy's wardrobe and drawers have been full of a variety of sizes since he was born, ranging all the way up to 3-6 months but every so often I will go in and give them all a tidy, put away clothes that are getting too small and take stock of any clothes I want to put on Ebay & sell.

I quickly noticed that other than ONE babygrow hung up in his wardrobe, we had absolutely nothing in 6-9 months which isn't good when he is six months in a couple of weeks and his 3-6 month stuff is already touching where it fits. As soon as I got paid I must have dragged Aaron around all the supermarkets near us and had a look what they had to offer for Teddy's Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Tesco was definitely my favourite, especially for little boy's clothes. Boys clothing can be so hit & miss, but I feel like Tesco have really come out on top this season. I thought I would share with you all the things we picked up including vests, baby grows & outfits. I love a baby haul!


Asda has some really lovely things in this season & on a recent trip we picked up these two long sleeved tops. The Disney Mickey Mouse Hooded Top is only £4, I love the little hood! The Striped Sweatshirt is so soft inside & I love the quote on the front, I thought these would look really lovely with some leggings or super soft jeans. At £5 you really can't go wrong.


I absolutely LOVE Teddy in sleepsuits and i'll be so sad when he is too big for them. I can't imagine him being impressed. Teddy has a bath every night & we like to put him in a nice clean, fresh baby grow so these multi-packs from Asda & Boots Mini Club are perfect. 

Vests are another thing that we go through numerous amounts off, due to poo-splosions & his habit of pissing all over himself. I picked the space themed ones up in the Next summer sale & the 7 Pack Dinosaur Bodysuits are from Asda.


As I said the days are definitely getting colder and it's important that Teddy is snug and warm! This Cobalt Parka from Next is perfect for that. His Grandma bought this for him and I love it. The fluffy hood is so soft and I love the colour.