2017 | The Highlights.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 has by far been the scariest, craziest, tiring & most wonderful year of my life. I welcomed in 2017 at home, over half way through my pregnancy with Teddy. Who, at the time was a baby who I loved so much but had no idea who they were! We hadn't found out the gender, we didn't have any names picked.. It's surreal looking back and not knowing it was always Teddy, if that makes sense?
 thought I would share my 2017 highlights; both personal & blogging, because I've honestly had the best year on both fronts!


Introducing Your Baby To Textures - Baby Weaning With HiPP Organic.

Friday, December 29, 2017

If you read my first weaning post "Getting Started - Baby Weaning With HiPP Organic" you will know that we have introduced Teddy to foods! It's a very slow process and not at all what I expected, much like everything else in motherhood. We are predominately doing baby led weaning but also doing jars every so often when we are in a rush or on-the-go. Teddy loved trying the Stage 1 Savoury Jars so I couldn't wait to see how he took to our next package of goodies!

Teddy was sent a selection of jars from HiPP Organic Stage 2 & Stage 3 range, which are suitable from 7m+, these are a great way to introduce your baby to textures and lumps, especially if you aren't taking the BLW route and are still a little apprehensive about gagging ect. I still sit on the end of my seat whenever Teddy is eating, I have relaxed slightly but it's still nerve wracking. These jars are also a great way for your baby to learn the art of chewing! We introduced Teddy to solids straight away so he took to these jars brilliantly.

Styling Your Home On A Budget With Desenio.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


We have owned our own house now for three years and it's only the past few months that we've really put our stamp on it. When we first moved in it had all been re-plastered and nobody wants to spend their days looking at ugly ass brown walls, so we just painted everywhere white and it stayed like that for longer than we'd have liked, but white is just so easy! We have spent the past six months, going around every room in the house (except Teddy's room because we did this before he arrived & the bathroom because we need to SAVE our asses off to get a whole new suite) and painted it & decorated in colours we actually like and that add a little something more to our home. It has definitely felt a lot more homely since. Contrary to popular belief (I jest) we aren't millionaires and we prefer to save our pennies where we can.

Teddy's First Christmas Eve Box.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

I can't believe that it is less than a week until Christmas! We are in full Christmas mode in our house; the tree is up, many a bottle of Bucks Fizz has been consumed & Teddy rolls around everyday in some sort of festive get-up. I think we have definitely gone a little OTT with Teddy's first Christmas but it is just so exciting and it's hard not to get swept up in the magic of it all! Unfortunately, Christmas Eve Boxes weren't a thing when I was younger but over the past couple of years they seem to be the new craze and I suffer from major FOMO, so I had to join in! Teddy will only be seven months so I couldn't go too mad but I have popped a few little festive bits into a lovely wooden crate from Hobby Craft. I might actually put a couple of treats into it for me & Aaron this year, some festive pyjamas and a bottle of fizz maybe...

Christmas Stories For Babies & Toddlers.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I am a huge book lover and I am hoping that he will follow on in my footsteps. As soon as we found out we were expecting a baby I started ordering books & one of the first things we put up in his nursery were his little bookshelves (which are actually picture ledges from Ikea). Once we started getting closer to December & the bookshops started getting their Christmas books in, I went online to The Works & took full advantage of their online exclusive 10 Books For £10 offer & picked up a whole host of festive stories! I did pick up some non-Christmassy books that are wrapped and ready in his Santa sack, that you can see in my Christmas Gift Guide For Babies & Toddlers post. I also picked up a selection of books from Amazon (Amazon is my go to for books as they are usually a lot cheaper than in bookstores).

20 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Christmas

Friday, December 15, 2017

01. Pigs.In.Blankets... need I say more?

02. Chocolate for breakfast is pretty much law. Whether that is in the form of an advent calendar or a tin of Celebrations. Yeah that's right. I said TIN. The whole tin. Not just one measly chocolate!

03. Decorating the house for Christmas is my absolute fav. Turning all the main lights off and just having the Christmas tree fairy lights on is summat' special.

04. Hearing the Coca Cola advert "Holiday's Are Coming" and instantly feeling festive as fuck. If that song doesn't get you excited for Christmas, you need help.

05. The festive hot chocolate range at Costa is LIFE. I am all over that Billionaire's Hot Choc like a fly on shit.

07. Magic Xmas is here & I couldn't be happier. Aaron hates it & to be honest, no shits are given.

08. It's deemed acceptable to watch Christmas films everyday; Elf & Christmas With The Cranks are my go-to's. Along with Muppet Christmas Carol & The Polar Express. FYI.

09. You can roll around in your festive as F flannel pyjamas on your special "it can only be used at Christmas" bedding. Because why the hell not.

10. Cheese. All the cheese. Especially Camembert. Give me a French stick and a camembert and i'll be your BFF.

11. Buying Christmas scented candles and acting like you love them when in actual fact, you can't stand the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg or anything spiced.

12. It's acceptable (so I've heard) to have a drink pretty much everyday in December. Everyone seems to throw around the reason "Christmas innit?" Why yes. Yes it is. So i'll go back to chugging my pitcher of Bucks Fizz Sharon, if that's alright with you?!

13. I can dress my child up like Christmas has literally thrown up all over him and he can't do sweet FA about it. Firstly because he quite literally can't say anything & secondly, he wants to please his Mama. It's the least the little he-beast could do.

14. You can spend one whole afternoon dedicated to wrapping presents with a Christmas film on in the background (setting the mood and all that), a tin of chocolates and a festive beverage not too far out of reach.

15. The Christmas adverts are out in force; John Lewis usually has it in the bag & is a firm favourite every year but I also love the supermarket ones! There is something about Kevin the Carrot...

16. Foot long Jaffa Cake boxes are here and if you think I wouldn't be able to finish the whole box off in one sitting, you'd be sadly mistaken....

17. Christmas jumpers are socially acceptable to wear outdoors without getting dodgy looks from Eileen next door, and the best thing is, the tackier the better!

18. Christmas dinner is the best thing ever & if I was on death row, for my last meal I would sure as shit pick my Mama's Christmas dinner. Turkey...roasties..and all the trimmings (except the sprouts!), if you read my 2017 Christmas Tag, you'll know how I feel about those hideous green balls of filth.

19. Walking up & down the Christmas aisle's in the supermarkets and cooing over all the festive treats! You very rarely buy anything, but just knowing they are there is enough to appease you.

20. Hanging out with your favourite people! Whether that's family, friends or your cat. You spend the day eating, playing and hurling abuse at each other but would you change it? Would ya fuck..

Are you excited for Christmas? What gets you ready & raring for December 25th?

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Christmas Gift Guide For Mums.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I can't believe how close Christmas is! Aaron has been asking me for weeks what he can buy me and I've struggled so much for ideas. I think because I have been so worried and focused on what I was going to buy for everyone else, I completely forgot to even think about what I want! Motherhood in a nutshell right there...
I thought I would come up with a selection of gifts that would be perfect for mums, some as main presents and some as little stocking fillers. Here is my Christmas Gift Guide For Mums.

Christmas Gift Guide For Babies & Toddlers.

Monday, December 11, 2017

I can't believe that this Christmas, I will have a baby! A seven month old he-beast who I can dress up like an elf & who will most probably be more interested in the wrapping paper than any of the presents we have bought him. It's so exciting buying presents for our own little boy and I can't wait to put them under the tree.

All his presents are currently wrapped & ready to go to my mums (we go there on Christmas morning & all open our presents together) but I know we struggled for a couple of ideas as it's hard to know what he'll be into and we didn't want to buy anything too young for him, that he won't be interested in, in a couple of months. As it is his first Christmas, I wanted to give him a few extra special presents that we can keep forever. Here is my Christmas Gift Guide For Babies & Toddlers.

Baby Led Weaning: Lunch Ideas // GUEST POST

Friday, December 08, 2017

Hi, I’m Amy, Mama to Freddie who is nine and a half months old. I started my blog around five months ago as a way to honestly document my journey as a first-time Mum. I blog about all things motherhood from very personal posts to product reviews and recommendations and a little bit of Mama & Baby fashion too. 

Weaning is such an exciting experience! You get to see your baby explore different flavours and textures and enjoy mealtimes together too. However once your baby is having more than one meal a day it can also be an additional thing to plan and think about on top of everything else. Below are my five, easy baby-led lunches which will hopefully ensure mealtimes are stress free. All of them can be adapted to suit your baby’s preferences and are suitable for you too!

Personalised Gifts For Dads | All Under £20.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

One thing I have always struggled with when it comes to gift giving, is what to buy the men in my life!? I just find men so much harder to buy for and now I have the added pressure of buying Aaron presents from Teddy and with it being his first Christmas as a Daddy, I want to make it really special. Whenever I've asked him for ideas, he never has a clue, so I just have to hunt online for inspiration and hope all my presents go down well.

7 Things You Should Never Say To A Mum.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

If you read my "10 Things Not To Say To A First Time Mama" post, you will know that some people are idiots. Someone makes a fly away comment or judgmental remark and you just stand there staring at them wondering how the fuck they get by in life. Sometimes people don't think before they speak, whether that is your friend, a family member or a complete stranger. It might just a little piece of advice they thought they would share that might help you out or you can take on board in future. Whatever it may be, there's no polite way to tell them to shove their advice up their arse (especially when they don't have children themselves!).

It's hard enough trying to keep a tiny he-beast alive, without people piping up and offering up their unwanted opinions. I thought I would compile a small list of things you should never say to a mum.

01. "Oh my god, i'm so tired"; Nah, nah, nah, NAH! You don't know the meaning of the word tired. Come at me when a hangry, cranky, mental developing leap fuelled child is waking up every 40 minutes THEN, and only then, can you so much as utter the word tired in my presence.

02. "I have nephews/nieces/a clingy cat so I can imagine how hard it is"; I don't know how to break this to your gently (or without punching you in the throat) but you don't have a fucking clue. Nothing on this planet can prepare you for being at a he-beasts beck and call, during all hours of the day & night. You can't give them back!

03. "Oh i'd never do that with my child!"; Pipe down Carol and face the wall. Do you know how many times I said that before I had Teddy? A lot. If I could go back in time and bitch slap pre-baby Rachael, I would. She deserves it.

04. Are you sure you should be doing that?"; No i'm not sure as it happens, i'm actually using Teddy as my guinea pig so I don't fuck the next kid up.

05. Is he sleeping any better?; Are you looking at me right now? Do I look like he's sleeping any better? That'd be a no.

06. Oh you look well today!; What are you trying to say Sarah? That I haven't looked WELL for the last six months? Well aren't you a fucking peach.

07. Have you seen that new film?; You are lucky if I have time to shower, have a shite and shove on clean pyjamas. Where in that tiny brain of yours do you think I have time to go and sit & watch a film. In the cinema. Without my tiny human... Me & Aaron won't be having a date night until the year 2020 at this rate.

There are so many more I could add, but this post would be stupidly long!

What would you add to this list?

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13 Life Lessons I Hope To Teach My Son.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Being a parent is one of the toughest things you can ever do, not only do you have to look after them and be solely responsible for keeping them alive but you also have to teach them how to be a good person and in my case, teach my son to be a good man! Life is so rough sometimes and comes with a whole host of challenges so it's important to me to that Teddy has everything he needs to grow up to be the best version of himself.

What lessons do we want to teach our children? What do we want them to know before they are grown and go out into the real world?

2017 Christmas Tag

Friday, December 01, 2017

IT'S DECEMBER BABY! Christmas is so close & I can't wait. I've finally started my Christmas shopping and began the mammoth task of wrapping (urgh). I thought to get everyone in the festive spirit I would create a Christmas Tag, for anyone to join in! I've kept it short & sweet with only 12 questions and you can go into as much detail as you like. I'd love you to get involved, make sure to tag me on Twitter if you do so I can have a read.


Favourite Christmas Movie & Why?
It used to be Muppet Christmas Carol (it's still a really close second!) but a couple of years ago I discovered Christmas With The Cranks and I don't know if it's the cheesiness or what but I absolutely love it. It has such a feel good factor and I feel so content when I watch it.

Top 3 Songs On Your Christmas Playlist?
01. Fairytales Of New York
02. Merry Christmas Everyone
03. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Favourite Christmas Tradition?
Christmas at my Mama's house. Always. My Sister, Brother In Law & my three nieces go. My Mum, Dad & little Brother are all there. It's just everything. I'm so excited & happy that Teddy gets to experience such a lovely day with our family.

What Is On Your Christmas Bucket List?
To take Teddy to visit Father Christmas in our local town & also to go a nearby National Trust Park, Dunham Massey and 'Find The Reindeers', I want to go on so many Christmas themed days out as a family and continue to do them every year.

Buddy The Elf Or Ebenezer Scrooge?
Buddy The Elf all damn day long, someone who can love Christmas as much as me, is a winner in my eyes! However I do have a slight soft spot for that old cranky fuck Ebenezer.

Best Thing About Being A Parent At Christmas?
This is my first Christmas a parent (I was half way through my pregnancy last Christmas) and I can't wait. He will only be seven months old so won't have much of a clue, but i'm just excited for him to experience the magic & wonder of it all. It's such a special time.

What Is One Present You Asked For As A Child, But Never Received?
Horse riding lessons. Literally every year. My Dad also promised to take us to Disneyland Florida when I was about 10. I'm 25 now and still waiting....

Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions?
It used to be going to the pub. Ahh memories...This year is going to be slightly different & after making sure all the presents are ready and under the tree at my mums house (we go to hers in the morning to all open our presents together) we will be coming home, putting our pyjamas on & ordering a takeaway once little man is in bed, enjoy a drink & watch a Christmas film.

Which Festive Beverage Tickles Your Tinsel?
Anything fruity! I usually enjoy a bottle or two of Mark & Spencer's Bucks Fizz with my Mum. I couldn't drink last year, due to being with child, so I plan to have a couple this year.

Best Present You Ever Received?
I remember when I was little and I got a kitchen and a jeep for my Barbie and I was fucking buzzin'! I loved my Barbie's and all the extras you could buy. I also remember one year receiving a doll that made noises & her head smelt of white chocolate...

Sprouts On Christmas Dinner? Yay Or Nay?
FUCK NO! Every year my Mum insists on putting the little balls of Satan on my plate, but I never eat them. I think she reckons that one year, i'll suddenly like them. Not on my fucking watch Mel.

What Is Your Ideal Christmas?
Family & Food. All day long. My ideal Christmas is spent wherever my family are. As long as they have food obviously. The kids will be playing with their presents, Christmas music will be playing in the background.. BLISS.

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